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unstructured data

Teradata announced its intent to acquire Aster Data today. Obviously this is big news in analytics-land and I participated in a call where the two companies gave some quick information. The driver for the acquisition seems t be an increasing focus on generally unstructured and untapped data and expanding the Teradata portfolio into this adjacent [...]

First Look – Attensity 5.5

I got a chance to catch up with Attensity after a long absence recently (I last blogged about Attensity in 2008). Attensity has been doing text analytics and customer experience monitoring for 10 years or more. Their approach includesfour steps –  Listen, Analyze, Relate, Act (from a decision management perspective it is nice to see [...]

I have been thinking about IBM’s Watson for a while now. I met some of the team very early in their development and here we are today with Watson slugging it out on TV. To do this it must decompose the question, generate multiple hypotheses and then score them before synthesizing an answer and associated [...]

I am interviewing Sid Probstein of Attivio as part of the Virtual Circle Briefing Room series on Tuesday February 15th at 4PM ET. Attivio will be talking about their unstructured text analytics capabilities and we’ll talk about how you can bring structured and unstructured data together for better analytics. Q&A with the twittersphere too. This [...]

Bo and Lawrence from PARC presented some work on contextual intelligence research designed to exploit unstructured data for novel predictive applications. PARC is now an independent business unit focused on the Business of Breakthroughs, working with Xerox and with other companies. The new focus means they work on a wide range of problems and aim [...]

Heard about an interesting job at SAP’s Palo Alto location today: The Global Business Incubator at SAP® is a global organization dedicated to developing innovative businesses targeted at meeting the needs of new market opportunities.  Each of the initiatives is structured like a start-up company, consisting of a small team of individuals responsible for all [...]

I got a chance to chat with some folks from SAS about their text analytics. SAS’ Business Analytics framework contains an Analytics component and within this exists a set of products from SAS such as Enterprise Miner and Model Manager as well as a set of capabilities like Operations Research, Forecasting and Text Analytics. The [...]

I am a featured blogger and member of the advisory board over on Smart Data Collective. SDC  has an interesting looking webinar coming up: “Putting all of the Pieces Together: Finding Value in Unstructured Data” happening on April 21st at 1pm EST.  Stephen Baker (author of The Numerati) and folks from Accenture, Teradata and Overstock.com [...]

SAS – An executive overview

I am spending some time as a guest of SAS this week and we got started today with Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. He began by describing SAS Institute’s 33 years of continuous revenue growth as well as similarly growing reinvestment in R&D. SAS has not laid anyone off this year, for which kudos, and [...]

SAP Research is a hidden group almost with hundreds of researchers around the world working on a variety of projects like semantic interoperability, data management and analytics and more. For instance they have been using Google Wave (Gravity) for instance for collaborative BPM, some iphone applications and some cool technology using text analytics. We discussed [...]

Here at SAP Tech Ed 2009 and my first session is an executive Q&A. First up was some discussion of the day’s announcements: Extension of engagement with HP, integrated Neoview with Business Warehouse so customers can combine Business Objects and Neoview. as well as extending the services relationship (obviously important given HP’s acquisition of EDS). [...]

First Look – EpiAnalytics

I recently got a chance to discuss EpiAnalytics product offerings and see a brief demonstration. EpiAnalytics provides contact center analytics to improve customer service and technical support business processes using analytics (including text analytics) and decision automation to automate the manual analysis of leads and support emails. The results are then plugged into an engine [...]

Charlie Berger and some others presented on using data mining for fraud detection. Fraud is a huge issue – for instance there is $31B annually in insurance claims fraud (10-15%) with 25% of all claims have some fraud and more than 1 in 3 bodily-injury claims from car crashes involving fraud. Other industries have similar [...]

First Look – Predigy

Predigy is a technology originally developed by Intelligent Results (founded in 2001) that was acquired by First Data in 2007. It was originally focused on the military (particularly on the analysis of unstructured data) but has subsequently moved into commercial applications. Predigy is now a decisioning platform with some applications in banking, collections, telecommunications and [...]

First Look – Cogito

Neil and I caught up with Expert System, a Semantic Intelligence company, last week to discuss their Cogito product. Expert System is based in Italy, has 145 employees and originally worked on spell checkers for Microsoft. While they have a lot of business in Europe they are now growing in the US. Their core pitch [...]

A couple of companies I follow had interesting announcements today. First Attensity announced its new “Market Voice” product designed to allow automatic analysis of blogs, forums, reviews and other kinds of customer-generated content. The idea is to bring this information into the same environment as internal unstructured information so it can be analyzed as part [...]

Information as a Service

Mike Gilpin and Noel Yuhanna gave a presentation on how informaton-as-a-service can help your projects and applications. Many SOA implementations were focused on transactional solutions but Forrester found that many used the same service infrastructure to expose information – e.g. a customer update service which exposes the current address also. Theme: Information-as-a-service (IaaS) offers to [...]

First Look – Attensity

Attensity is a text analytics company based in Silicon Valley and Utah that is focused on helping companies hear the “voice of the customer”. By allowing companies to effectively process the text in emails, service logs, call notes and, more recently, forums, blogs and wikis, Attensity aims to make companies both aware of their customers’ [...]

Some interesting news from SAS today that, to me at least, boosts their support of enterprise decision management or EDM. First they announced a specific product bundle from their work with Teradata – you can get details here. This integrates SAS Enterprise Miner, their predictive analytics/data mining workbench, with Teradata’s database allowing for models developed [...]

Personalizing your business is one of those things that never really seems to go out of style and that remains one of the most powerful ways to use EDM. Making a system respond in a reasonable yet personal way to a consumer or other customer is widely, and correctly, seen as a way to bring [...]