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Warning –this is a post about a standards process so there are a fair number of abbreviations – I tried to describe the key ones. There is a large community of users of business rules management systems, with thousands of large companies using them to automate and improve decisions. In addition, there is a strong [...]

A reader asked me last week about how I saw business rules engines fitting in with UML, SOA and Microsoft. The article discusses whether Microsoft’s Oslo strategy for SOA will be based on UML or merely offer support for it among many standards. First, let me say that I think it is increasingly clear that [...]

I got an interesting series of questions from a reader that seemed to me to justify a longish post. The initial question was quite harmless looking: Can you give a clue as to what software engineering approach you use/recommend for EDM, but especially business rules that non-IT staff can alter safely? But the whole thing [...]

First Look – Corticon

I got a walkthrough of Corticon‘s Business Rules product last week – the first time I have discussed it in a while. Version 5 has some interesting features. The Business Rules Foundation is a set of headless services, designed to support a variety of development tools, UI frameworks and metaphors along with a variety of [...]

Bruce Silver led a panel on business-empowerment and BPMN. He emphasized that BPM is an approach, BPMS is a software stack for supporting this new approach AND that there is change in how business and IT work together. Business-empowered implementation is what he uses to describe this – no break between the business view of [...]