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Richard Boire gave a presentation on predictive analytics in customer service at the Canadian Automobile Association. Organizations that successfully adopt analytics are willing, and able to change. Richard’s focus then is on tools and techniques that help create the engagement needed to drive adoption. CAA is the Canadian equivalent of the US AAA, providing insurance, [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Last week I posted a couple of times about my impressions from the SAS Global Forum. In one post I said that “SAS customers talk about the great results they get when they put their predictive analytics to work in operational systems” so I thought I should expand on that a little, [...]

Hotwire.com Revenue Management

Darren Koch presented on Hotwire.com’s use of ILOG business rules in revenue management. Summary: Ongoing segmentation and optimization help businesses serve customers Smart testing + flexibility = better service = higher profits Continues to show ROI that is increasing over time Hotwire.com was founded in 1999 to help travel partners (who invested) sell excess inventory [...]