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Thomas Erl

Introducing SOA Design Patterns

Thomas was back on talking about the catalog of 85 SOA Design Patterns that he is publishing this year – SOA Design Patterns. Design patterns are a field-testing or proven design solution to a common design problem. Some are compound, most are atomic. These SOA Patterns overcome common design challenges for the successful adoption of [...]

Thomas Erl presented on the Architecture of Service-Orientation to start the breakout sessions and build on his opening comments. The key challenge is that of the endless IT progress cycle – the business continually needs more and different support from IT to deal with changes to business models while IT has new and changing capabilities [...]

The SOA Symposium started today in the AJAX Stadium in Amsterdam. The opening keynotes were actually in the Stadium itself – we all sat at the halfway line. Thomas Erl and Sandy Carter gave quick intros and I will add some comments later but I could not type so this is just a placeholder have [...]

Thomas Erl is working on a new book of SOA patterns and is looking for suggestions and input. You can read about the project on www.soapatterns.com. In particular, those of you interested in decision management might want to provide comments on the Rules Centralization pattern using the form here. If you have additional pattern suggestions, [...]

Book Excerpt in SOA Magazine

The book was excerpted for Thomas Erl’s SOA Magazine – Smart Enough for SOA: Incorporating Enterprise Decision Management into Service Design