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I am giving a webinar on TechBlue. Many government organizations are coping with aging legacy systems that are costly to maintain, difficult to change and lack the modern architecture needed to satisfy today’s consumer. Instead of trying to replace an entire system with the high risks and costs involved in such a project, these government organizations [...]

I was presenting this week to a company that asked what trends I saw in business rules. I had my ow thoughts but I also reached out to some other experience business rules implementers. Here’s what we came up with: A broader context for business rules Business rules are increasingly adopted as part of a [...]

We are wrapping up our webinar series on decision management and I wanted to make sure you knew about the three remaining webinars. These webinars are a great tool for you to learn more about predictive analytics, business rules and decision management in practice. There are more details on the events page but the three [...]

Claye Greene and Kristy Sanders of Technology Blue are giving a webinar on Best practices for using JBoss Drools on November 16th, 2010 at 10am Pacific. Open source has proven to be a valuable solution for companies looking to lower implementation costs of software solutions. A few years ago open source Decision Management solutions were [...]

Three job openings today. Decision Management Solutions partner Technology Blue is looking for a couple of experienced Blaze Advisor resources for a project starting March 1: Senior Business Analyst: Full time resource with experience in business rule harvesting and analysis, process oriented, able to develop and implement processes, must be comfortable leading knowledge transfer and [...]

A quick note to point out some newly available resources on decision management. First, Claye Green of Technology Blue (a Decision Management Solutions partner) wrote a nice little piece on barriers to decision management success. I have been busy too, writing some shorter briefs on Decision Management topics. These are available without registration from the [...]