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I got a chance to hear Roger Burlton and Sasha Aganova of the Process Renewal Group talk about a recent case study of theirs concerning risk and management and processes. This is a hot topic of course with new regulations and new requirements for financial services firms. Compliance with these risk management regulations, though, can’t be seen [...]

Jim Sinur introduced the session by describing how Gartner saw BPM being used to turn a cost reduction axe into a cost reduction scalpel during the recent recession – cutting more precisely. The current economic climate he says is “nirvana” for BPM and BPM is not perceived as a luxury but a necessity. The session’s [...]

I am now back from the Business Rules Forum, after a long delay in Denver, and catching up on my blog posts. First session on Thursday morning was Hugh Taylor talking about Agile Compliance. It was very early and Hugh tells us that he was thrown up all over on the plane down! The room [...]