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3. It will take too long to get results This excuse gets trotted out for one of two reasons – either the organization feels it is just too busy to take on something new or someone has heard that the technology requires a large up-front investment in time. Let’s take these one at a time. [...]

New Wisdom LLC I have an update on the RuleGuide™ product from New Wisdom recently. I blogged about RuleGuide back in 2009. The product started with a focus on business rule management for the business team – allowing them to create a container of rules to pass to the IT group for implementation in a [...]

New Wisdom was founded in 2006 (as a spinoff of Lambert Consultants) to develop software for managing business source rules. The product, RuleGuideTM, is designed to capture metadata about the rules and to support discovery and analysis of rules in projects adopting a business rules management system (BRMS). They see this as about 65% of [...]

I got an interesting question last week: In you experience do you believe that the rules editors will become self documenting tools and, if so, is there any danger to this? With regard to products I have used in the past I am not convinced they have evolved sufficiently to do this and I always [...]

First Look – RuleXpress

RuleXpress is a tool from RuleArts designed to allow business analysts to capture their vocabulary or terms and source business rules relevant to their business and their business problems. RuleXpress is not a business rules management system nor is it a modeling tool in the sense of a UML modeling tool. It is a tool [...]