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Social Networking

I am attending FICO World and blogging some sessions. First up is one presented by Doug Clare and Sally Taylor-Schoff talking about the impact of showrooming on financial services. Showrooming, of course, is the practice of examining a product in a physical location and then buying it online. Consumers have more and more apps to [...]

Eric Brethenoux of SPSS was up next talking about analytics using what your customers tell you. Customer segments are inherently blurred because they are a composite. Identifying the people behind a segment is hard and increasingly more difficult as the number of brands, devices, channels, media and social networks are exploding. And people have multiple [...]

Tim Manns presented on Optus SingTel’s work using social interactions in analytics. In this case the social network is the people you know based on who you call, and who you don’t call. Optus is part of SinfgTel and is a telco based in Australia that competes with the main telco and has about 35% [...]

Here at SAP Tech Ed 2009 and my first session is an executive Q&A. First up was some discussion of the day’s announcements: Extension of engagement with HP, integrated Neoview with Business Warehouse so customers can combine Business Objects and Neoview. as well as extending the services relationship (obviously important given HP’s acquisition of EDS). [...]

Gerry Mooney – IBM’s point man for fiscal stimulus and economic recovery. He feels that the Smarter Planet initiative and the current economy/stimulus are closely linked, at least potentially. Stimulus money could be focused on managing the current crisis more effectively but it could also be used to build a 21st Century infrastructure. In addition, [...]

First Look – AlignSpace

I had an interesting chat with Miko Matsumura VP and Deputy CTO of Software AG the other day. While we ranged widely, the official topic was Software AG’s launch of AlignSpace. AlignSpace is a hosted “Social BPM” solution supporting collaborative process discovery. The idea is that it will combine: Social networking (around process definitions) Collaborative [...]

The unrealized power of data

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Andreas Weigend, former amazon.com Chief Scientist, gave a keynote on the unrealized power of data. He started with a historical perspective. In the 70s perhaps 10M used computers, mostly in the back office. By the 80s this had reached 100M and the front office. By the 90s the internet and [...]

Usama Fayyad, previously Chief Data Officer of Yahoo, presented a keynote on From Data Warehousing to Strategic Data Assets – Case Studies on the Web: Social Networking, Direct-Response Marketing and Understanding Customer Behavior. The number of users on the web continues to grow rapidly, approaching 1Bn. The data created as these users move around the [...]