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smarter planet

Bob Picciano and Les Rechan came up next to discuss Big Data and Analytics: Fueling Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Smart. Five years ago IBM launched the Smarter Planet initiative. On a smarter planet, they say, everything is connected and instrumented and this is reflected in the explosion of Big Data. To drive value [...]

Steve Mills kicked off the IBM Smarter Analytics Leadership Summit. Business Analytics matter, he says, as shown by the focus of CEOs (8 out of 10 expect complexity to increase, enterprises applying analytics are more successful etc). The need for analytics is pervasive, with every industry seeing a massive expansion in the volume of data [...]

Fred Balboni gave the Business Analytics and Optimization keynote. You can get a “faster planet” without analytics, just by automating processes, but you need analytics for a “smarter planet”. Fred began by introducing the results from the IBM Institute for Business Value study. The new survey had three interesting results: The gap between analytic leaders [...]

Deepak Advani kicked off day 2. SPSS was acquired by IBM in 2009 and, like all acquisitions, has to report on how well it has met the expectations set at acquisition time. SPSS has beaten every target set for it at acquisition and reviews have apparently been a “bit of a love fest”. SPSS has [...]

Rob Ashe and Mychelle Mollot kicked off the IBM Business Analytics Analyst Summit 2011. Rob began by pointing out that IBM is just 2 weeks away from its 100 year anniversary. IBM has focused on several themes for its 100 years he says including focusing on the science of information, on reinventing the corporation and [...]

IBM IMPACT 2011 Day 2 Keynotes

Steve Mills kicked off day 2 to talk about the kind of IT architecture that supports business agility. Your IT architecture, he says, must enable business processes run reliably and securely across application silos. Business must own their processes and their data, not have them be subsumed into siloed packaged applications. IT must enable these [...]

Rob Ashe and Fred Balboni kicked off the IBM Business Analytics Analyst Summit with a presentation on IBM’s overall strategy for analytics – product and consulting in an integrated view. Of course this is IBM so everything starts with Smarter Planet – and Smarter Planet begins with how to get insight to drive better performance, [...]

IBM Advanced Case Management

At the IBM Advanced Case Management event in San Francisco today. Mike Rhodin, SVP of the newly formed Solutions Group within IBM Software, introduced the role of Advanced Case Management in Smarter Planet. Smarter Planet is IBM’s umbrella concept for building systems to add intelligence to an increasingly instrumented and interconnected world. The changing kinds [...]

I am speaking at the 2010 CIO Leadership Exchange, hosted by IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Sam Palmisano. The forum has been designed around the theme of “Leadership for a Smarter Planet” and will explore how CIOs are tapping business analytics, systems and infrastructures, and new IT value models. The program will provide access to [...]

An analytic minute (or two)

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork A little while back I got to spend a few minutes talking about analytics and optimization with Jack Mason of IBM. He posted the resulting video over on the Smarter Planet blog. Enjoy. I am at Predictive Analytics World today so this is nice and timely. Look for some posts today on [...]

Business Agility Now!

Nancy Pearson, who I interviewed recently, discussed IBM’s new Business Agility Now! initiative. IBM launched Smarter Planet about a year ago, focusing on the instrumented, interconnected and intelligent organization. The initiative is being driven by the massive increase in instrumentation (with smaller things being instrumented as well as the natural world), how interconnected organizations have [...]

I got a chance to sit down with Nancy Pearson, Vice President BPM, SOA, WebSphere and Industry Marketing at IBM last week to talk about Smart Work and other related topics. Smart Work is one of the four major themes that are part of IBM’s overall Smarter Planet initiative – New Intelligence, Green and Beyond, [...]

Gerry Mooney – IBM’s point man for fiscal stimulus and economic recovery. He feels that the Smarter Planet initiative and the current economy/stimulus are closely linked, at least potentially. Stimulus money could be focused on managing the current crisis more effectively but it could also be used to build a 21st Century infrastructure. In addition, [...]

Well here we are at another IMPACT. The event has 5,000+ attendees. Keynotes begin with some humor from Billy Crystal. Steve Mills got the serious section kicked of by reminding us that technology is so pervasive it is easy to forget what we rely on it for. Billions of transistors, billions of people connected to [...]

One of the best things about being at DIALOG was the opportunity to meet a bunch of ILOG customers and learn how they are making better decisions in their organizations. It seems to me that every one of these customers is, in a very practical way, helping to build a smarter planet. The first group [...]

DIALOG Keynotes – ILOG and IBM

Pierre Haren started up the keynotes with some personal comments about the excitement of being part of IBM, seeing more customers at DIALOG and hearing stories from customers about what they are doing with ILOG products. He is clearly enthused by the opportunity to reach more companies by being part of IBM than they ever [...]

Getting started at DIALOG I got to spend some time with Tom Rosamilia GM of WebSphere, Sandy Carter and Pierre Haren, CEO of ILOG discussing the ILOG acquisition by IBM. Tom went first by pointing out that the acquisition seemed like a good idea when it was announced and since then the Smarter Planet initiatives [...]

IBM and ILOG for a smarter planet

One of IBM’s big initiatives is their focus on a smarter planet. One of the ways IBM could really use ILOG is to make the construction of smarter systems (or smart (enough) systems) easier and faster. To illustrate what I mean I took some quotes from Sam Palmisano’s Smarter Planet speech our world is becoming [...]