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First Look – Spotfire 4.0

I got a quick update on Spotfire 4.0 recently (announced today – I last reviewed Spotfire in February). This release was aimed primarily at getting analytics to a wider audience through analytic dashboards and social collaboration. As we all know, many people work with others in different locations and time zones. This requires strong context [...]

First Look – InRule v4

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from InRule Technology® recently to discuss the new release of their business rules management system– InRule® v4 (I previously blogged about the product and the InRule 3.2 upgrade). The focus of this release is the authoring interface. Based on a lot of customer feedback, InRule [...]

First Look – Predixion

Predixion Software launched their new product – Predixion Insight – this week and I got a pre-launch briefing.  Founded in 2009 based in Southern California and Redmond (development team is ex-Microsoft and the chairman is ex-Datallegro), their focus is on self-service predictive analytics, delivered through the cloud and accessible via Excel.  Information workers are the [...]

First Look – Microsoft Analytics

I got an update from Microsoft recently. We covered lots of different products in and around data/analytics – some public, some under NDA. Microsoft is making a serious investment in SQL Server as well as into SharePoint and Excel. BI tools, they say, are not getting to most people and Microsoft sees this as an [...]

Justin Honaman from Coca Cola presented on their use of Teradata in their customer intelligence program.  Coca Cola has a huge range of products, in many sizes, as well as dozens of bottlers and distribution partners. The 72 bottlers are limited to specific geographies, adding a layer of complexity to their business. Justin’s group, Customer [...]

My friends at InRule have an interesting announcement today – they are partnering with a SharePoint-based Business Process Management Solution called ShareVis. The combination of SharePoint with ShareVis and InRule will, I believe, help companies take SharePoint from document management to forms automation and ultimately to real process management. The combination, still in its early [...]