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semantic web

Irene and Dean of TopQuadrant (a semantic web company) were up next talking about Deploying Semantic Web Solutions: I’ve Built an Ontology, Now What? The challenges around Master Data Management have expanded as the number of information sources has exploded. Managing identify, managing semantics across a multi-faceted, distributed world is very complex. The semantic web [...]

First session today is Jayne Dutra of NASA on Re-Thinking Search in a Web 2.0 World. Jayne started by going over some of the basics, talking about web 1.0 with portals/websites/search moving to Web 2.0 with blogs, wikis, RSS, social networking and community portals. She used a Mills Davis slide that talked about web 3.0 [...]

I got a chance to attend some of Enterprise Search Summit West yesterday (thanks to my friends at Semantra). I attended a couple of sessions and browsed the exhibit hall. The first session was entitled “What is Semantic Search“. Seth Earley gave a rapid 30 minute overview of semantic search. He touched on explicit and [...]