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First Look: Idio

As part of my ongoing series on Marketing Decision Management Solutions I got my first look at a new take on next best action systems the other day with the folks from Idio. Idio focuses on what they call “intelligent customer experiences through content.” They have what amounts to a real time decisioning platform focused [...]

Interesting panel with folks from the Venetian, Marriott and Nextag discussing customer intelligence. First they were asked about their use of analytics: Nextag is an online comparison shopping engine that assembles data from 10,000 merchants online for consumers. They make money by buying clicks on search engines and then getting payments from merchants for referrals. [...]

Silverlink update

I did some work with Silverlink some time ago and was really impressed by their use of decision management to improve the communication of health plans and others in the healthcare space with members and patients. I got a chance to catch up with them recently to discuss progress and their use of adaptive control [...]

First Look – Accord

I caught up with David Ullman of Robust Decisions the other day. Robust Decisions has an interesting product called Accord aimed at helping with decisions. While it is not aimed at exactly the same kind of decisions as the systems I usually review, I like the product and think there is some interesting synergy between [...]

Frank Kozlowski of Kohler presentedf on a web-based warranty system. When they set out to develop the system their goals were to move to a start-of-the-art, easy to use system that was web-based so dealers could enter claims directly anywhere in the world (they have 12,000 dealers). They wanted to reduce their cycle time from [...]

I am attending the 10th annual Business Rules Forum this week and blogging from sessions as I go. The show really starts tomorrow but John Rymer of Forrester presented a tutorial today – A framework for selecting business rules platforms. John presented the criteria for the wave report – Forrester’s way of evaluating vendors – [...]