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Continuing to blog from Building Business Capability 2016 I am listening to Railin talking about next steps afterr getytingh funding for rules and process improvement. Railinc is a SaaS company supplying software to the rail industry. Railinc is modernizing how it implements rules and processes in their applications. The program covers all 6 product lines and [...]

Removing decisioning from the SDLC

Syndicated from ebizQ My friends at IDIOM had a great tweet today – @Intelligentform said: #Decisioning objective:nothing less than the removal of decision management from the SDLC – automated decisions should be managed as content I retweeted it (I’m @jamet123) but I thought it warranted a longer blog post about why this is a good [...]

One of my regular readers had a question today about Enterprise Decision Management and the Software Development Lifecycle – the EDMSDLC if you like. Here’s what he asked: We do Business Rules in our approach… I guess one question would be, where does EDM fit in a typical SDLC? [company] does Requirements, we have a [...]

Next up was a session from some folks at ASG talking about business metadata. They started by discussing the metadata audience and how it is changing as the syntactic and semantic richness of metadata increases. Initially there was a focus on consistent definitions for, say, COBOL copy books. Gradually expanded out to DBAs, Data Architects [...]