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scott sehlhorst

Decision points

Syndicated from ebizQ My friend Jerome had a post this week on finding decision points – the spots in a business process where you make a decision – that was prompted by discussions he and I had with a joint client. Jerome focuses on certain kinds of activities and the words that describe them like [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Adrian Marchis had a nice article on Use Case Recycling by Extracting Business Rules. Now making sure decisions are identified explicitly in use cases avoids one of the seven deadly sins of decision management and is something I think is critical. Indeed I wrote an article on the topic on the same [...]

Scott Sehlhorst (with whom I have presented and about whom I have written before) had a great post this week called Hidden Business Rule Example. Scott walks through some analysis of a process and shows how finding hidden decisions within that process can really inform how you think about the systems and processes you need. [...]

Scott Sehlhorst of Tyner Blain and I presented on Getting It Right. Rules and Requirements in Software. Scott writes a great blog on requirements. The slides are on slideshare here | View | Upload your own I reviewed one of the books we referenced, Use Cases: Requirements in Context Enjoy.