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Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Curt Monash has been Thinking About Analytic Speed over on The Intelligent Enterprise Blog and makes some good points about the different kinds of analytic speed. One area I find lots of confusion in discussions of analytic speed that Curt does not touch on is the difference in time to build an [...]

First Look – Angoss 7

Angoss has just released a new version of their data mining and predictive analytics software, version 7.0. Key themes for 7 were: Optimization Mining enhancements like data weighting, in-database analytics, new statistics Support for more complex IT environments Usability Angoss has long supported the development of strategies or decision trees – models that define the [...]

I have decided to start running a post at the end of the week highlighting relevant web events for the following week. If you work at a vendor and want to tell me about yours, please send me an email at james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Likewise if you hear of something you think other readers of the blog [...]

I got a chance to sit down with Rob Walker last week for an update on Chordiant Decision Manager. Rob covered some of the new features in Chordiant Decision Management 6.2 as well as some general background that has not appeared in any of my posts before (check out First Look – Chordiant Decision Management [...]

First Look – DeltaR onRules

Delta-R‘s product onRules is Java-based, service oriented application. Based on open source like the Spring, Hibernate, Java Server Faces r UI, Groovy for scripting etc. It is fully web based – thin client – and the resulting services are deployed as web services. It is available in English and Spanish. The software starts with a [...]

First Look – Visual Rules

I sat down with Innovations Software Technology, now part of the Bosch group, to get my first good look at Visual Rules in a while. Release 4.4 is the current version (they released 4.3 in November and 4.4 just this week). The tool is written in Java and based on Eclipse. About half their users [...]

SAS Warranty Solutions First Look

Some weeks ago I got a chance to review the SAS Warranty Analysis product. I was doing some due-diligence before my speech on “Next Generation Warranty Systems” to the Warranty Chain Management Conference in April.  The folks from SAS began with an Aberdeen quote from 2006: Warranty analytics is the number one differentiator between Best [...]

Jan presented on Rules in tables, spreadsheets and diagrams: Towards High Definition Communication. Decision tables are ways to represent sets of rules and there are many ways to represent sets of rules including trees and graphs. Some ways of representing rules are clearer than others and some are better for validation of the rules. You [...]

From Scores to Strategies

The use of analytics in business decisions, presented by one of InfoCentricity’s customers, was next. In many organizations modelers are busy building predictive models that they then throw over the wall to a business analyst. To bridge this gap you need a collaboration platform that allows modelers to do their thing while allowing business analysts [...]

Sue Gonella presented on some efficiencies in building predictive scorecards. In particular she covered the   use of sampling data vs using all records into a model development exercise. Rather than using all records she advocated using stratified random sampling where a sample of each group of interest is used to build and validate the [...]

A reader sent me an interesting question after watching the ILOG seminar on scorecards and rules in which I participated earlier this week (recording of this rules and scorecards seminar is available). Here’s a summary of what he said: One immediate comment I would have is that scorecarding seems to insert an extra unnecessary step. [...]