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Continuing to blog at Building Business Capability 2016 with Ron Ross talking about operational excellence. [My comments in italics] He began by talking about the new technology available and its potential while expressing worries that technologies, and technological approaches, might not really change our businesses for the better. In particular he expressed concern that “channel mania” might [...]

As promised when I was blogging from the Object Management Group standards meeting, I caught up with OpenRules recently. OpenRules was founded in 2003 by people who had previously developed a business rules management system. Their immediate focus was on business analysts and on empowering subject matter experts to build business rules with minimal IT [...]

Another webinar in the ongoing series: Rik Gerrits and Kees Noordsij discuss Rules, vocabularies and fact modeling from a business perspective. What the business needs to manage business rules is quite different from what IT needs to support rule engines. Find out what rulebook management by the business means in practice, and why the differences [...]