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We have been expanding recently, adding partners to help us deliver decision management to customers around the world. You can see the current list of partners here on Decision Management Solution’s website. To introduce these partners to you I am going to be conducting a series of interviews in the coming weeks. I am going [...]

Three folks from Nationwide Insurance introduced their ILOG business rules implementation. Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies with multiple brands offering products in property and casualty, mortgages, lines of credit, retirement plans and more. They are 124 on the Fortune 500, 16M policies and 32,000 staff. This project focused on [...]

Some time back I came across an HBR article called Who Has the D? How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance (fee for full article) and I heard from a friend today that Bain was using this approach (see this Bain article for instance Who has the “D”?) as part of building what it calls [...]

Time to listen to some analytic scientists with Larry Rosenberger (analytic Fellow) and Jeffrey Feinstein (Principal Scientist) of Fair Isaac talking about gaining insight by focusing on behavioral drivers. Larry went first and mentioned a presentation be gave at InterACT back in 2006. He had focused then on where ideas come from and talked about [...]