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relationship marketing

I am attending FICO World and blogging some sessions. First up is one presented by Doug Clare and Sally Taylor-Schoff talking about the impact of showrooming on financial services. Showrooming, of course, is the practice of examining a product in a physical location and then buying it online. Consumers have more and more apps to [...]

I am presenting at a Calpont (see my Calpont first look here) sponsored webinar on Taming the Data Tsunami: Next-Gen Analytics Enable Effective Relationship Marketing. Online advertisers are deluged by an increasingly complex marketplace, exponentially growing data streams, and demands for greater value from online spend. Marketers must employ highly dimensional and granular analytics to [...]

The unrealized power of data

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Andreas Weigend, former amazon.com Chief Scientist, gave a keynote on the unrealized power of data. He started with a historical perspective. In the 70s perhaps 10M used computers, mostly in the back office. By the 80s this had reached 100M and the front office. By the 90s the internet and [...]