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Rapid Application Development

First Look – ACTICO Rules

I got an update from a new player in the decision management market today – ACTICO. They aren’t really new, though, as they are using the Bosch SI business rules management system, Visual Rules (last reviewed by me in 2010). The Visual Rules business has been split with Bosch SI focusing on IoT and manufacturing and ACTICO focusing [...]

Stuart Wells, the CTO of FICO, came up to give the keynote and talk about FICO’s big cloud announcements: FICO Cloud-based Decision Management Platform (announcement here) FICO Analytic Cloud (announcement here and sign up here) Customer engagement applications  on this cloud platform announcement here (discussed also in this blog post). Stuart began with a couple of stories. [...]

Bosch Software Innovations (the company that emerged from Bosch’s acquisition of Innovations Software Technology with its Visual Rules BRM suite some years ago) acquired inubit last year and has been working to develop an integrated portfolio. The inubit acquisition came after a number of joint projects where customers used both inubit Suite for BPM and [...]

Wolf Frameworks is a USA/India PaaS company started in 2006 as a pure play cloud computing platform. They have a front end (AJAX) using XML to communicate to a .NET backend on C#. They have about 3,000 plus people designing software using the platform and have about 13 plus solution providers covering 7 countries. They [...]

Application Development 2.0

Ann All had a post on Agile development brings IT, business together that had the great phrase “application development 2.0”. In the article she mentioned some very worthy objectives for this 2.0 version of application development. Here they are, paraphrased slightly. Encourage close collaboration between developers and end users Involve users in quality assurance processes [...]

RAD with rules

I saw this post on Better Projects and it reminded me of days spent writing a RAD methodology for Ernst and Young. RAD, or Rapid Application Development, uses prototyping and lots of short iterations to keep a development project on track. The post has a nice graphic showing the cycles within cycles used in the [...]