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Wolf Frameworks is a USA/India PaaS company started in 2006 as a pure play cloud computing platform. They have a front end (AJAX) using XML to communicate to a .NET backend on C#. They have about 3,000 plus people designing software using the platform and have about 13 plus solution providers covering 7 countries. They [...]

Last week I posted Focusing on decisions to improve the software end product and I decided that this week’s posts would be a series of follow-ups on how decision management can and should impact software development. Today on how it should impact/be a part of Agile, tomorrow on Model-Drive Engineering and Thursday on DSLs (Domain [...]

RAD with rules

I saw this post on Better Projects and it reminded me of days spent writing a RAD methodology for Ernst and Young. RAD, or Rapid Application Development, uses prototyping and lots of short iterations to keep a development project on track. The post has a nice graphic showing the cycles within cycles used in the [...]