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I recently participated in an International Institute for Analytics webinar,  Prescribing The Right Decision With Prescriptive Analytics (I am a faculty member of IIA). In the webinar we did some surveys that had some interesting results. First off we asked the audience what they were using analytics for. This was interesting to me as it overlapped [...]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

I am attending the Computerworld Business Intelligence and Analytics Perspective conference and just gave the opening keynote “From Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics.” Following me is the team from Blue Health Intelligence about their innovative use of predictive analytics. The US healthcare system that is more expensive, less effective and less safe than many other [...]

Lee Lambert of New Wisdom Software presented on his RuleGuide product (see my first look on RuleGuide) to the group considering a Decision Modeling Notation for the Object Management Group. Lee initially focused on the typical complexity that comes when working with Business Process Management and Business Rules Management. Most projects started with a large [...]

First Look – Verix

I got my first look at Verix recently. Verix targets the commercial side of Pharmaceutical companies – sales first, then managed care and then marketing. They are trying to shift the burden of analysis work from sales managers, sales consultants to automated systems. They started with a core analytic competency and it evolved over time [...]

Silverlink update

I did some work with Silverlink some time ago and was really impressed by their use of decision management to improve the communication of health plans and others in the healthcare space with members and patients. I got a chance to catch up with them recently to discuss progress and their use of adaptive control [...]

I got a chance to catch up with Andrea Allmon of FICO to hear about their new Insurance Fraud Manager release (3.0 in July). This is a timely topic because of the debates around healthcare at the moment. In all the discussions about healthcare costs you never hear about the amount of fraud involved, yet [...]

Optimism in one characteristic that it might see harsh to criticize. But take a look at this article on Accounting for the future. It makes a couple of interesting points. Firstly that the preparation of projections can be misleading and that an “inside view” – caused by developing a detailed plan, say – makes you [...]

Old Way, EDM way returns

One of the most fun things we did in the book was write about real success stories. We used an “Old Way” v “EDM Way” model for these. In the past I have written some blog posts using a similar style and today I have a new one. Old Way An online pharmacy (that the [...]

Bill over at the Wireless MD had a couple of interesting posts on e-prescribing today – Senatorial bi-partisan support for e-prescribing and Caveats for e-prescribing. The use of technology to improve healthcare is an endlessly fascinating discussion and the use of information systems to handle prescriptions (e-prescribing) is one of the most debated. There is [...]