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It’s opening keynote time at IBM’s World of Watson 2016 and we kicked off with a video history of Watson from Jeopardy to today. Dr John Kelly of IBM got us started, emphasizing how rapidly interest in Watson has grown over the last year or two.  In August 2007, he says, a small team of researchers [...]

The other session I got to see at FICO World was a panel discussion on analytic modeling tools with representatives from UniCredit (Italy), Ferratum (Finland), Nedbank (South Africa), and Citi. Challenges and rewards of building an analytic modeling team Always start from scratch with fresh, inexperienced teams and this is both challenging and rewarding Challenges [...]

As you may know, May 6 is election day in the UK. As I grew up there I have been taking an informed foreigner’s interest in it, mostly through my favorite online newspaper The Guardian. Browsing around the election coverage I came across a page that reminded me why I hate all the map-based interface [...]

The empire has less staff

Frank posted some great comments on Here’s how to get started with decision management the other day and made me think about this, often very severe, problem. As Frank put it: How do you overcome the moral fear some organizations have when they realize 40-80 percent performance improvements come at 40-60 percent less personnel; so [...]