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pierre haren

DIALOG Keynotes – ILOG and IBM

Pierre Haren started up the keynotes with some personal comments about the excitement of being part of IBM, seeing more customers at DIALOG and hearing stories from customers about what they are doing with ILOG products. He is clearly enthused by the opportunity to reach more companies by being part of IBM than they ever [...]

Getting started at DIALOG I got to spend some time with Tom Rosamilia GM of WebSphere, Sandy Carter and Pierre Haren, CEO of ILOG discussing the ILOG acquisition by IBM. Tom went first by pointing out that the acquisition seemed like a good idea when it was announced and since then the Smarter Planet initiatives [...]

While attending DIALOG I had a chance to have lunch with Sandy Carter of IBM and Pierre Haren of ILOG. There was a lot of interesting discussion but two key themes caught my attention – business v IT drivers and reuse. Sandy discussed how top-down SOA being driven by BPM and has an executive focus, [...]