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peter drucker

Brian McDonough has been writing (with Dan Vesset, Steve Hendrick, Henry Morris and others) on Decision Management at IDC for many years and he has recently published an IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Decision Management Software Platform 2014 Vendor Assessment. The report has an IDC MarketScape figure, IDC’s opinion on the Decision Management market, process and software as well as some [...]

First SAS Global Forum Executive Conference session with Jim Davis, CMO of SAS, talking about fact-based decisioning. A good crisis is a terrible thing to waste Jim asked the audience if they took the opportunity of the recent crisis to re-tool their business, to re-assess how to run the business. One of the key ways [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Merv Adrian recently posted on Information Builders Prepares to Ramp It Up and this made me think of webFocus. Like Merv I recently spoke with Michael Corcoran and learned a little more about Information Builder’s attitude to decision making and information. The webFocus page says “Because Everyone Makes Decisions” and pushing information [...]

Tammy Erickson wrote an interesting piece last week The End of Line Managers as We Know Them – Peter Drucker’s Prediction that made we wonder how applying enterprise decision management, EDM, would change the role of line managers. Several changes would seem to be likely: Less rubber-stamping With the automation of approvals, eligibility, refunds, pricing [...]