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This was my first briefing on Statistica since I reviewed v11 in 2012. Statsoft was established in 1984 and acquired by Dell in March 2014. The product has been continuously developed to the point where it has over 16,000 integrated functions.  Since acquisition, Dell has been focused on integrating it into Dell systems and processes [...]

SAP has recently announcement some new predictive analytic offerings. At the core are in-database predictive analytics and R integration based on SAP HANA and a new predictive modeling tool, SAP Predictive Analysis. The latter is aimed to close the gap between “pure” data miners/modelers and the business analysts that might typically use tools like SAP [...]

First Look – Salford Systems

Salford Systems was founded in 1983 and initially developed SAS procedure– add-ons for SAS. They then worked with a PC-based statistics package before moving solidly into data mining and predictive analytics after meeting the inventors of the CART algorithm around 1990. Their product range now consists of CART®, TreeNet® stochastic gradient boosting, MARS®, RandomForests®, GPS™ [...]

My eye was drawn to an article in the New York Time last week – For $2 a Star, an Online Retailer Gets 5-Star Product Reviews.  This article drew attention to the ongoing and growing problem of fake reviews. Like many of us I increasingly rely on reviews on sites like amazon.com or yelp.com to [...]

Thomas Tileston of Warner Bros Home Entertainment (DVDs, games and digital distribution part of Warner Bros) was next talking about their use of SAS and Teradata. He started with a little history as he has been using SAS for 20 years or so. In the early days analytical data set preparation was 70% of the [...]

Insurance claims fraud is a huge deal, with most estimates seeing perhaps 10% of claims made being fraudulent – worth at least $30Bn/year. As a result the value of small improvement is huge. Of course, from my perspective, fraud is one of the classic uses of decision management and predictive analytics. Obviously the current economic [...]

First Look – Data Applied

I got a chance to chat with Data Applied, a new start up that, like Clario (reviewed previously), offers real data mining in the cloud. This product is aimed at business users and is a very data-centric, web-based application for visualization and data mining/deep analysis. They are targeting folks with hundreds of thousands of records [...]

Malcolm Gladwell took the stage to present next. Malcolm is the author of some great books (such as Blink, reviewed here, and Outliers). Gladwell began by noting that Vegas seems an odd place to hold a conference on analytics! His first story was about art – a dealer brings a new statue to the Getty, [...]