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operational BI

Right Time Business Optimization

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Mike Ferguson presented on Right Time Business Optimization using on-demand and event-driven analytics at the Teradata Partners conference. Business optimization, Mike says, is about continuously knowing what is the best action to take and when to take it in every business process to dynamically keep a business running optimally while [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was struck today by a short but effective Information Builders PowerPoint – Four Worst and Four Best Practices in Business Intelligence. I really liked the worst practices – especially the one about assuming that business people have the skills or time to learn to use a BI tool. I blogged not [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ William Band at Forrester (@waband) recently tweeted that his next research project was: When to use CRM apps vs BPM tools to improve customer interactions? Pros & Cons of each? I replied that companies should be sure to manage customer treatment decisions too and he asked me to expand on that thought. [...]

I am speaking on Performance Management and Agility at the SDForum – Business Intelligence SIG in Palo Alto: The need to balance performance monitoring and decision management to maximize both awareness and agility. How Decision Management transforms your investment in instrumentation into an investment in agility. How Agility translates to direct impact on your key [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork In a recent post, Big BI is Stuck: Illustrated by SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, Stephen Few took issue with the claims of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. I have not spent any time with the product so I am not going to discuss his specific criticisms but I was struck by a caution he added [...]

I have just opened ITWeb’s BI 2010 in Johannesburg talking about decisions and importance of decision making in making BI matter (I will post my slides later). Great audience, nearly 200 people with a strong showing from end user customers (75%) and, very interestingly, nearly half considered themselves business / IT straddlers which is a [...]

I am hosting a panel on Predictive Analytics at the Business Analytics Summit and I got a chance to attend a session beforehand where Dave Stodder presented on performance management and Key Performance Indicators. Dave began by emphasizing that performance management is both a business and IT issue and that it needs to link people, [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork It can sometimes be lonely being a proponent of a big new idea like decision management. It is delightful, then, when you find out that you are less alone than you expected. Last week I came across a couple of white papers from Ventana Research – Extending BI to Support Operational Decision [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ A friend passed on an article titled “When the customer knocks” in which Scott Arnett of Pitney Bowes discussed the power of data to improve customer interactions. Nothing there to cause me to blog you would think. Except that Scott, like too many in the Business Intelligence community, fails to acknowledge that [...]

Well there’s now another place to find our materials – I have opened for business as an expert on the B-Eye Network. Check out my channel Competing on Decisions (thanks to Neil for suggesting the name). This blog will be syndicated there but I will also be writing articles, posting white papers and generally making [...]

Neil has just finished some research work on data warehouse performance for our friends at Teradata published as Meeting Demands for Data Warehouse Performance.   This white paper discusses how expanding operational roles for data warehouses, particularly in terms of supporting operational decision making and enterprise decision management, require dynamic workload capabilities on the data [...]

Stephen Brobst of Teradata was next with A Reference Architecture for Integrating an Active Data Warehouse into the Real-Time Enterprise. He started with a great quote from a Gartner analyst: No such thing as a business surprise – there is always a warning in advance but were you listening – did you collect data about [...]

Some interesting news from SAS today that, to me at least, boosts their support of enterprise decision management or EDM. First they announced a specific product bundle from their work with Teradata – you can get details here. This integrates SAS Enterprise Miner, their predictive analytics/data mining workbench, with Teradata’s database allowing for models developed [...]

LucidEra and SaaS analytics

Had a briefing today from the folks at LucidEra about their new product releases (press releases here and here). I met them through their blog and I think this whole area of AaaS (Analytics as a Service, though that’s not the best acronym) is an interesting one. After all, if you think improving operational decisions [...]

This morning I watched and listen to two old friends of mine – Wayne Eckerson of TDWI and Dan Graham of Teradata as they gave a webinar on “Approaches to operational BI” (PDF of slides, Webinar Recording). Wayne and Dan did a nice tag team discussing the principles involved and giving some Teradata-specific examples. Wayne [...]

James Kobielus of Forrester posted on BI’s New Frontiers In 2008 And Beyond. While James made some interesting points I think that he missed perhaps the most interesting one – whether what we call “BI” today will be able to evolve into what we need in the future or whether these new frontiers will require [...]

Several posts caught my eye last week while I was at the Business Rules Forum on the topic of Business Intelligence (BI) and made me wonder if “BI” is the best way to build an intelligent business. Claudia Imhoff started me off with an article on Operational Business Intelligence – A Prescription for Operational Success in which [...]