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Continuing with blogs from Building Business Capability I am self-blogging the session I co-presented with David Herring, who leads the Process Transformation and Decision Management Program at a leading Northern California Healthcare organization, on “Pioneering Decision Services with Decision Modeling”. David works at a large not-for-profit health plan that does everything from inpatient, to home [...]

Last session for me at IBM’s World of Watson is the keynote from IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty. Another very slick video on the different ways IBM’s cognitive, cloud and analytic solutions are being used around the world got us started. And again, IBM emphasized “with Watson” as part of their ongoing positioning of Watson as additive to people, [...]

Second day at Insight 2014 and the opening keynote is about transforming your industry. Mike Rhodin kicked things off by discussing how people think – by observing, interpreting what we see based on our experience and biases, and then we decide what we are going to do.  But there is a limit to how well we can do [...]

Marie Wieck came back to discuss how to create the kind of composable business  IBM discussed on day 1. It’s critical, she says, to keep customers at the center and drive a new process from this. It’s key to use data to make better decisions, and it’s important to have the kind of scalable infrastructure [...]

Westech, a project to produce lower cost healthcare infrastructure that is part of the West Health initiative, is looking for a Drools/jBPM developer. The job is based in La Jolla CA and they are looking for a full time hire. West Health Institute is looking for a creative and hands-on jBPM Software Developer for an [...]

Another customer panel followed focused on big data and analytics use cases with a particular focus on streaming data, data in motion. Customers were University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Aginity. Dr Carolyn McGregor from UOIT is someone I have blogged about before. Her focus was on using analytics to process the data from [...]

Larry Rosenberger, FICO Research fellow, ex-FICO CEO and generally fascinating analytic thinker was up next to discuss analytics and the internet of things. For all the “speculative” in the title, Larry things the whole area of the internet of things is becoming more real and less speculative. Larry began by defining the internet of things. [...]

Day 2 at IBM IMPACT kicked off with another IBM keynote. Dave Farrell got it started telling us that IBM got record attendance this year and that customers will be talking about how “business in motion” has helped them. First up is Jim King of BMI – a licensing and rights management company in the [...]

IBM IMPACT Day 2 Keynotes

Johan Gerber of MasterCard kicked things off on day 2. MasterCard does not actually issue the cards with their logo on, they are a technology company that provides a network to link consumers, 32,000,000 businesses and 22,000 card issuers. The network is very high performance, handling 100 pieces of information and processing each transaction in [...]

An article on electronic medical records in the New York Times caught my eye recently. In this article was the comment: Computerized patient records are unlikely to cut health care costs and may actually encourage doctors to order expensive tests more often, a study published on Monday concludes. Now I don’t know specifically what about [...]

Nancy Pearson and David Farrell kicked off the main event. 8,000 people at IBM IMPACT apparently and Nancy introduced the key themes – helping companies optimize for growth and focus on delivering results. The topics are based on a continued focus on getting business and IT to work together (a key theme of Decision Management [...]

The McKinsey Quarterly had a nice piece on Reforming hospitals with IT investment that contained a great paragraph: Combined with clinical-decision-support (CDS) tools that give physicians best-practice guidelines for medical procedures and with stricter coding classifications, electronic health records not only broaden access to medical information but also serve as a forcing agent to spur [...]

I was sent this link to a NY Times article over the weekend – Dizzying Symptoms. In it we read of a patient with an unusual set of symptoms that baffles various doctors. Eventually they find out the cause and it turns out to be a vitamin deficiency that is a not uncommon side effect [...]

Keynote at the Drools bootcamp

I am giving a keynote at the Drools bootcamp in San Diego. The bootcamp has some days focused on the healthcare industry as well as some more general sessions

Last session at the SAS/BetterManagement.com event this week on IT and personalized healthcare. Yan Chow of Kaiser Permanente presented on their vision for IT-enabled healthcare. Kaiser is an integrated system with 8.6M patients and 180,000 employees and physicians. Integrated means that insurance/delivery are all aligned and Kaiser is very focused on prevention. It is also [...]

I got a chance to catch up with Andrea Allmon of FICO to hear about their new Insurance Fraud Manager release (3.0 in July). This is a timely topic because of the debates around healthcare at the moment. In all the discussions about healthcare costs you never hear about the amount of fraud involved, yet [...]

Rules-based innovation

An old friend of mine, Anders Björlin, has just won a 2009 Humanitarian Impact award from The Itanium Solutions Alliance. The press release says: Judges selected Kiwok of Sweden for its BodyKom(TM) Series remote ECG monitor. Deployed in conjunction with caregivers and health systems, BodyKom allows heart patients to live independently while their heart is [...]

I saw this comment last week in The US stimulus program Taking medical records online – McKinsey Quarterly – Health Care – Strategy & Analysis and it struck a chord with me: health care providers to upgrade their IT systems rapidly to reach the act’s standards for “meaningful use” of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) This [...]

DIALOG Agile IT Infrastructure

Another panel, this time on how business rules fits into an agile IT infrastructure. British Airways, PMI (mortgage related services), Swiss Medical (Argentinian health insurance) and Wyndham Group were represented. Panels are tough to blog so here’s a list of takeaways: Start small and in a well known area to prove out the technology but [...]

Mr Obama, smarten these systems!

Like millions of my fellow Americans I listened to our new President today. As I did I was struck by the opportunities for decision management to deliver the smarter systems that will be critical with some of the priorities President Obama laid out in his speech. There were four commitments he made that struck me [...]