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I saw this piece on DSL and MDE, necessary assets for Model-Driven approaches and it made me think about DSLs. First, here’s the definition of a DSL from the article DSL is a programming language or executable specification language that offers, through appropriate notations and abstractions, expressive power focused on, and usually restricted to, a [...]

I got an interesting series of questions from a reader that seemed to me to justify a longish post. The initial question was quite harmless looking: Can you give a clue as to what software engineering approach you use/recommend for EDM, but especially business rules that non-IT staff can alter safely? But the whole thing [...]

As I consider business rules a form of model-driven architecture, I thought I would share this new LinkedIn Group from Joahn den Haan http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/50539/04809C3A2E89 The idea is to form a group of folks interested in MDA on LinkedIn so, if you are interested, go ahead and request membership.