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mark proctor

I am giving a webinar on Driving Decisions with Business Rules with RedHat on September 15  at 10am Pacific. Business rules management systems (BRMS) are a mature technology that has been available for many years. Capturing business policies, regulations and domain expertise so that they can drive system behavior is a compelling proposition. Systems that automate [...]

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from Red Hat recently. I have reviewed the new functionality that Mark Proctor and his team have been adding to turn the old Drools rule engine into a competitive Business Rules Management System or BRMS when the latest release came out. This time we chatted [...]

First Look – Drools 5.0

When I was in the UK recently I got a chance to have a coffee with Mark Proctor and get a detailed demo of the new Drools release – 5.0. Mark spent most of the time showing Guvnor, the new web-based business rule management system for Drools. Built with GWT this looks and works great [...]