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Clario – Update

I first blogged about Clario about a year ago, when they were focused on delivering a data mining/predictive analytic workbench on the web. Developing a new workbench, even with a compelling differentiator like being cloud-based, is difficult. The maturity of the competitive, hosted products and the tendency of analytic developers to be very entrenched with [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Arthur Hughes (author of Strategic Database Marketing) and Anna Lu of e-Dialog.com presented on predictive modeling for e-mail marketing. Arthur has been developing databases for database marketing for 30 years or so. Initially he focused on databases but found that people could not use them to make money and that [...]

A press release caught my eye recently on CRM – Gartner Identifies the Top Six CRM Marketing Processes for a Cost-Constrained Economy. Two of the six processes Gartner identified seem to me to require decision management to be done well. 1.Retention Management Retaining high value or potential high-value customers is essential in difficult economic times. [...]

Elana Anderson, now at Unica, wrote a nice piece titled Where CRM Goes Next for Baseline Magazine. In a short piece she highlights some of the key challenges for CRM/Marketing going foward: It must become more focused on interactive marketing, engaging with customers It must break free from old habits like fixed campaign schedules and [...]

First post in my series of posts on using EDM to thrive in a recession. Let’s start with the easy stuff – companies always look to reduce and control business costs in a recession so how can EDM help you do this? One of the costs many businesses carry, almost without thinking, is a certain [...]