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knowledge management

Last day of blogging from Building Business Capability and the first topic is modern business architecture with Gagan Saxena, VP of consulting at Decision Management Solutions, and Andrew Ray of Goldman Sachs. The presentation is focused on a new approach to business architecture to address problems in the legacy approaches – one that connects business at rest to business [...]

Ron kicked off Day 2 talking about the knowledge economy, noting that companies don’t act like they are part of the knowledge economy as they don’t think about knowledge, about how to find it or how to manage it. He identified a set of elements that contribute including business rules and operational decisions, business vocabulary and [...]

First Look – Be Informed 4

Be Informed recently gave me an update on their progress. Based in the Netherlands, they were founded back in 2002 and they released 4.0 last year and have been focused on building a large number of projects across Europe, especially in the Netherlands. Focus areas are public sector and financial services. They are over 200 [...]

First Look – Kana

I got an update from Kana this week. Kana, for those of you that don’t know, is a product/solution company focused on helping enterprises with their customer service experience – what they call Service Experience Management. Kana has over 600 B2C customers across banking, telecommunications, retail as well as high-tech, travel, manufacturing etc. They are [...]

First Look – Be Informed

Last week I got a chance to catch up with a Dutch company in the decision management space – Be Informed. Be Informed arose out of work within a big systems integrator building complex processes, especially in government, that was unable to find good tools for case management and complex knowledge-based processes. The company started [...]

Randy Saunders had a great post over on the Perfect Customer Experience –Can I please speak with a live agent? In it he has a great quote: Forester’s study finds that 45 percent of consumers prefer to speak with a customer service agent to answer questions and resolve service issues, yet most walk away from [...]

First Look – Cogito

Neil and I caught up with Expert System, a Semantic Intelligence company, last week to discuss their Cogito product. Expert System is based in Italy, has 145 employees and originally worked on spell checkers for Microsoft. While they have a lot of business in Europe they are now growing in the US. Their core pitch [...]

Two posts caught my eye last night – 5 questions a teenage kid might ask if starting work at your business today by Mike Sarokin on the EDS blog and Vinnie Mirchandarni’s follow up here. As the parent of a college student myself I had to chime in. It seems to me that not only [...]