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john elder

I have spoken at Predictive Analytics World a few times and it’s a great event. Predictive Analytics World for Business is coming up April 3-7, 2016 in San Francisco. This is one of the best events for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. The conference focuses on case studies about data science, on their business impact and [...]

There’s a great article over on Computerworld – 12 predictive analytics screw-ups. They asked some of my favorite data miners (John Elder and Jeff Deal of Elder Research, Eric Siegel of Prediction Impact and Dean Abbott of Abbott Analytics) what they saw as the top ways to screw up predictive analytic projects. The list of 12 [...]

I was checking up on Predictive Analytics World and one is coming up in my neck of the woods next month – San Francisco April 14-19. This looks like being a great conference including sessions from my friends Anthony Goodbloom of Kaggle, Dean Abbott of Abbott Analytics and John Elder of Elder Research – both [...]

A reader of my company’s newsletter recently emailed me and asked me if I could highlight the difference in how one approaches building a predictive model when compared to more “traditional” descriptive models. And why the approaches are different. He went on to say that he had a colleague who insists that developing aggregate statistical [...]

I am a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and participated in the recent call to discuss some of our predictions for 2011. Quite a few of the faculty were on the call – Tom Davenport, John Elder, Bill Franks, Jeanne Harris, Anne Milley, Niel Nickolaisen, Jeremy Shapiro and me. If you haven’t [...]

Top 10 analytic mistakes

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective One of my favorite presenters, John Elder, presented his top 10 analytic mistakes at Teradata Partners. Lack Data is problem zero – obviously you need data to do data mining and analytics. Without data that is relevant to the problem you cannot use analytics to solve it. In particular it [...]

Bill Franks was up next to talk about the joint SAS, Teradata, Elder Research Business Analytics Innovation Center. The purpose of this center is to help customers develop game changing analytic solutions not just adopt analytics. The center brings together best SAS and Teradata folks to help customers with analytics while also bringing third parties [...]

John Elder, one of my favorite presenters, introduced a series of customer stories around text mining/text analytics. He calls this "the wild west" of analytics with lots of startups and innovation. He points out that these kinds of analytics must be designed to complement human capabilities, not least because the human brain is good at [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I am spending some time with SAS this week and I was struck by a couple of announcements related to the ongoing SAS/Teradata partnership. First, the two companies have partnered with Elder Research to create a Business Analytics Innovation Center. This will both pilot new analytics (something at which John and his [...]

I presented today at Predictive Analytics World (I will post slides later) and John Elder, one of my favorite data mining presenters, gave a great session on the ROI of data mining. John started by giving me a great plug and then pointed out that one of the reasons data mining has survived as an [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork John Elder of Elder Research is well known in data mining circles and speaks/teaches regularly. Not only has John recently released a new book (Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications), he has now released his great seminar on the top 10 mistakes in data mining on YouTube! Highly recommended for [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective John Elder presented a collection of case studies to showcase the ROI of data mining. John started by making the point that many of his case studies had technical success but not business success – an interesting statistic. John sees three major ways that predictive analytics can help – streamlining, [...]

John Elder was next. John is a well-known data mining expert who runs Elder Research Inc. John was presenting on Top 10 Data Dangers When Discovering Business Rules. John’s focus was on data mining and other analytics techniques and he presented his top 10 mistakes: Lack DataFor instance fraud cases can be so rare in [...]