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Janelle Hill

The BPM Scenario

Janelle Hill talked about the BPM Scenario and the role of BPM in creating intelligent operations. She had three things to cover – why is BPM more important than ever, business optimization and where to go next. First, she reminded us of some key elements of BPM from Gartner’s perspective: BPM involves a focus on [...]

Janelle Hill of Gartner kicked off day 2. Business Process Management is the current approach to being process-centric and part of a long history stretching back to Taylor/Deming, Business Process Reengineering and more. In particular it is an evolution from computerized process flow, to packaged applications as best practices and now flexible and adaptive processes. [...]

Last session for me today, indeed the last session before I go home, is Janelle Hill of Gartner and Kramer Reeves of IBM on improving agility through end-to-end process agility. Janelle went first sharing Gartner’s BPM Scenario for the next five years. She had two initial points: In 2013, do you know where your work [...]

If, like me, you could not make it to the Gartner BPM Summit last week, here’s the next best thing. Three people I know well blogged about the conference. Sandy Kemsley, an independent expert on BPM, was the most thorough with David Straus (of Corticon) posting several times and a single post from Jim Sinur [...]