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intelligent enterprise

This week’s white paper of the the week is The Intelligent Enterprise The Intelligent Enterprise leverages decision management to move from business intelligence to predictive analytics. Moving forward, it is no longer enough to look backward at historical performance. Becoming analytic and adaptive will be a source of sustained competitive advantage. In an era of [...]

I am giving the closing keynote on day 1 of Predictive Analytics and Business Insights 2012 in San Francisco on February 9th at 3:30pm. I will be speaking on “The Intelligent Enterprise: Utilize decision management to move from Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics” and attending the networking reception afterwards. Other speakers at the event include Saum Mathur – Vice President, [...]

IBM today released a new report on the progress companies are making adopting business analytics and optimization. The paper is called “Smarter decisions for optimized performance” (love it) and focuses on how companies are using analytics and optimization to “breakaway” – a sports analogy such as where a cyclist breaks away from the pack not [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Curt Monash has been Thinking About Analytic Speed over on The Intelligent Enterprise Blog and makes some good points about the different kinds of analytic speed. One area I find lots of confusion in discussions of analytic speed that Curt does not touch on is the difference in time to build an [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork In an article on Intelligent Enterprise titled Predictive Analytics: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Dave Stodder summarized a few points from Predictive Analytics World: predictive analytics could enable companies to hang tough during lean times by helping them identify the most important customers, focus resources on critical business processes and [...]

I spoke to Seth Grimes last week about an article he was writing that just published on Intelligent Enterprise –What BI Practitioners Can Learn From Operations Research. As I was reading the article I also noticed a response over on Michael Trick’s OR blog –Business Intelligence and Operations Research. Both Seth’s article and Michael’s response [...]

Neil’s two blog posts on BI and technology rated highly again – the second one getting more traffic from Intelligent Enterprise readers than any other posts. Check them out: Technology Is Not the Driver of BI Adoption BI and Technology: Part II

Howard Dresner, now independent but previously of Gartner and Hyperion and one of the leading voices in the Business Intelligence and Performance Management space listed Some good sources and included our book and our blogs (this one and Neil’s on Intelligent Enterprise). Thanks Howard.

Doug Henschen just posted Intelligent Enterprise Top-20 Stories of 2007 and Neil’s article Business Intelligence 2.0: Simpler, More Accessible, Inevitable came in at number 3! The best I could do was get mentioned (along with Neil, again) in #16 The Rule Maturity Model: Five Steps to an Agile Enterprise. Still, not bad…