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Going Beyond Budgeting!

I spoke last week at a conference hosted by the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable. I spoke, as you might expect, on the topic of decision management and how it can deliver the kinds of systems a modern company needs. The conference overall was on the (frankly very appealing) idea that budgets can and should be replaced [...]

First Look – Visual Rules

I sat down with Innovations Software Technology, now part of the Bosch group, to get my first good look at Visual Rules in a while. Release 4.4 is the current version (they released 4.3 in November and 4.4 just this week). The tool is written in Java and based on Eclipse. About half their users [...]

The unrealized power of data

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Andreas Weigend, former amazon.com Chief Scientist, gave a keynote on the unrealized power of data. He started with a historical perspective. In the 70s perhaps 10M used computers, mostly in the back office. By the 80s this had reached 100M and the front office. By the 90s the internet and [...]

BusinessWeek had an interesting article in December about the growth of Tesco, a British grocery chain, and on its use of data mining as a competitive weapon. Here’s a quote: Analysts say that Tesco’s big advantage over major international rivals, which also include Germany’s Aldi and Lidl, is its unrivaled ability to manage vast reams [...]

Usama Fayyad, previously Chief Data Officer of Yahoo, presented a keynote on From Data Warehousing to Strategic Data Assets – Case Studies on the Web: Social Networking, Direct-Response Marketing and Understanding Customer Behavior. The number of users on the web continues to grow rapidly, approaching 1Bn. The data created as these users move around the [...]

At the Business Intelligence Warehousing and Analytics Summit at Oracle today. BIWA is part of the Oracle User Group focused on BI, analytics and data warehousing. Jeanne Harris of Accenture (author, with Tom Davenport, of Competing on Analytics) started off the day. The subtitle of her presentation is “Building Competitive Strategies Around Data-driven Insights”. Analytics [...]

Not really live this post as I am working from notes I took – after all I was on the panel and it’s hard to participate and blog at the same time. Joining me on the panel were Don Baisley of Microsoft, Ron Ross and Jim Sinur (of Gartner) – Neil had to leave. We [...]

I am at the EDM Summit this week and will be blogging live from some of the sessions and posting random thoughts and comments in addition. Despite the difficult market conditions, attendance looks good with a nice full room for the keynote and attendees from 17 countries. This year’s event also has a dozen new [...]

Today Chordiant announced their new Visual Business Director (CxVBD). I saw an early prototype of this some months back and got a more detailed look at the finished product at their recent Customer Advisory Board. I really like CxVBD as I think it shows the critical business value of externalizing decisions. I have yet to [...]

Bruce Silver had an interesting article recently on The Next Innovation in BPMS in which he discusses the need for repository capabilities in BPM. Bruce makes the point that “next generation” repositories for process management must not only support process models, they must also support “decision models”, business object definitions, performance measurement information and service [...]

Chief Decision Officer?

Mitch Betts’ blog brought an interesting article to my attention this week – an interview Accenture chief scientist Kishore Swaminathan in which he argues that CIOs need to move up the value chain and become Chief Intelligence Officers. I kinda like this but I would not equate being a Chief Intelligence Officer with data but [...]

Erudine is a British company a few years old and has released some new technology in a new process context – the Erudine Behaviour Engine (yes, the British spelling). Like many technologies, Erudine is targeting the business-IT divide, focusing on problems like those of translating requirements into systems, integrating the expertise of lots of people [...]

Janelle Hill of Gartner kicked off day 2. Business Process Management is the current approach to being process-centric and part of a long history stretching back to Taylor/Deming, Business Process Reengineering and more. In particular it is an evolution from computerized process flow, to packaged applications as best practices and now flexible and adaptive processes. [...]

First session is Doug Neal from CSC on “New Aspirations for BPM – Green and Global”. Doug took us back to 2001 when BPM was new and reminded us that the driver was a need for change (that could not be supported by the ERP systems of the time). How we manage change has evolved [...]

Ken Vollmer kicked off the last day of the event with a view from the field – a survey on BPM that Forrester did at the end of 2007. The theme is that “BPM has already achieved mainstream status inside of most enterprises but we still have a long way to go to achieve the [...]

Mark Hennessy the CIO from IBM presented on his perspective on the changing role of the CIO. An IBM survey in 2005 found that of CEOs 80% thought IT had to be aligned to be successful but only 45% thought this was something they did well. More recent surveys showed CIOs feeling that this was [...]

I’m going to be on stage with Mike Gualtieri soon but I thought I would drop in and listen to him on the future of application development. Sadly this meant missing a session on BI but even I can’t be in two places at once. Mike’s theme is that the value of application developers in [...]

Marta Foster from Proctor and Gamble gave this presentation. Marta has been at P&G for 30 years and is now in charge of their IT operations. P&G is well known and is the largest consumer products company in the world with over $80B in sales. They have 138,000 employees, 200 brands in 160 countries and [...]

Connie Moore and John Rymer kicked off today talking about Dynamic Business Applications and their first discussion was around brown paper bags. They made the point that brown paper bags are a pure commodity and all you can do is reduce costs. Other kinds of bags offer more opportunities for innovation and, thus, more margins. [...]

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco was talking about the next phase of the internet – collaboration. The market is in transition – social networking has changed personal communities and these technologies will also transform the future of work. Cisco’s approach is to focus on transitions – not competitors, but market transitions. In ’97 they focused [...]