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While at IBM’s IMPACT I recorded an Ignite presentation. For those of you who don’t know, the idea behind Ignite presentations is that you get 5 minutes (exactly) and 20 slides that move every 15 seconds to make one point. I presented on Why Model Decisions? and the result is shown below. Decision requirements modeling [...]

I am attending IBM IMPACT and this is a duplicate post for one running on the IBM IMPACT Blog. Business rules get everywhere – we have business rules in our user interfaces, in data quality, in business processes and more. But when organizations adopt a business rules management system they are focused on improving decision-making. [...]

I am giving a 5 minute Ignite-style presentation at IBM IMPACT, 12:07 or so on Tuesday. Come by for a rapid fire 5 minutes on Why Model Decisions? in the Social Playground in the Solution Center.