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Berkeley Publisher – First Look

Berkeley Publisher is a product from Berkeley Bridge, a company based in the Netherlands. Founded by a group with experience in expert systems, especially in government systems, BerkeleyBridge has been focusing on “making knowledge profitable using intelligence software” since 2005, primarily in the legal domain. They are now focused completely on developing their platform as [...]

I thought I would re-run a top 10 list from a while ago – an oldie but a goodie – on the top 10 excuses for not adopting business rules and a Business Rules Management System. #10 – We tried before and got no results There are two root causes for this excuse – over-hyping [...]

Speaking at RulesFest 2010

I am going to be speaking at Rules Fest 2010 – the International Conference on Reasoning Technologies. I am speaking on Tuesday October 12, 10:00am on “Decision Services Need More Than Rules“. The conference is October 11-14 at the Dolce Hayes Mansion Resort, San Jose, CA. Rules Fest bills itself as the world’s only technical [...]