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Experian’s PowerCurve platform was released in 2012 (I blogged about it here) and has been expanding and rolling out since then. It consists of a set of Data Management and Decision Management capabilities supporting a set of application across Originations, Customer Management and Debt Management. Fraud prevention and identity verification capabilities can be integrated with [...]

I first got a briefing on Dulles Research Carolina back in 2010 and I recently got an update. Dulles Research was founded in 2005 and came to market with Carolina, their SAS to Java convertor, in 2009. A U.S. patent was awarded to Dulles last year for the SAS to Java conversion process. At its [...]

Back in 2008 I wrote this post – The small impact of business rules on the big players, bemoaning the lack of serious investment in business rules on the part of major software companies. As we enter 2014 I thought I would revisit this post and consider what a difference 5 years makes. Let’s consider some [...]

I got an update on Marketswitch Optimization as part of my series on marketing decision management solutions. Experian positions Marketswitch Optimization for the most advanced stage of decisioning– as clients move from profiling and segmenting their customers, to predictive scoring and business rules to optimization. They see some interesting numbers for improvement through this lifecycle [...]

Experian has recently renovated their decision management platform – now called PowerCurve™. Experian’s clients generally need to achieve one of four goals – increase revenue through market share growth; controlling risk to manage exposure and reduce losses; increased operational efficiency; or compliance. These goals obviously drive you to using Decision Management Systems and to use [...]

I got a quick update from Roger Ahern at Experian recently. Roger runs a recently founded group focused on hosted decisioning applications. Experian also has a Decision Analytics group with teams handling software (their Strategy ManagementSM and ProbeSM products), fraud products (like Precise IDSM) and Decision Sciences (custom analytic models and related services).  Experian’s Credit [...]

It’s the end of day 1 of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit and time to write a wrap up post for the day – no live blogging today as I have too much on as track chair to sit behind my keyboard! Today I got to attend Jim Sinur’s keynote and sessions from [...]

First Look – KXEN

I got my first chance to really see KXEN’s product a little while ago and, as I am off to Predictive Analytics World tomorrow, I thought I would blog about it. KXEN was founded in 1998. The product is designed to deliver automated data mining and predictive analytics at a function level – the user [...]

I’m going to be on stage with Mike Gualtieri soon but I thought I would drop in and listen to him on the future of application development. Sadly this meant missing a session on BI but even I can’t be in two places at once. Mike’s theme is that the value of application developers in [...]

Mike made an interesting comment in response to my recent post on the future of application development. He said: Are business domain tools necessary to enable a non-trivial development role for businesspeople? Like many good questions the answer is complicated – in a way, both yes and no. I do agree with Mike that a [...]

David Proctor of Experian gave the next session I attended on Combining the Power of Analytics and Business Rules to Drive Enterprise Decisioning Solutions. He started by talking about the criticality of business rules and the value of managing them. In particular the ability to being experts into a collaborative approach. David then gave a [...]