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BigML Update 2015

I last got an update from BigML back in 2013 when they updated us on their predictive analytics/machine learning platform. Since then they have been adding new algorithms, especially in unsupervised machine learning techniques, and generally updating the interface and workflow. With about 15,000 registered users Big ML is moving into enterprise customers more and [...]

Last year I interested Andrea Scarso, CEO of MoneyFarm, about analytics. This was a hugely popular post so I thought I would continue the series this year by interviewing some other analytic practitioners. The first in this continuing series is an interview with Tracy Allison Altman, co-founder of Ugly Research. Ugly Research are developing PepperSlice, [...]

First Look – Web Rule 2.0

I have blogged about code effects’ Web Rule product before. This rule editor and execution environment supports both execution rules (that have an action to take) and evaluation rules (that just return true/false) as well as an IntelliSense/type ahead editor based on an XML object model. Rules in this product are closer to a ruleset [...]

Dymatrix started in 2000 as a spinout from Computer Sciences Corporation. Focused on analytical CRM and campaign management they have done many projects and identified a number of challenges in the use of predictive analytic models. They have customers across utilities, retail, telecommunications, banking, insurance and life sciences. This work led to the development of [...]

Teradata in the cloud

Dan Graham and Mike Riordan presented on Teradata’s cloud strategy. They began with a quick reminder that a cloud involves on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and pay per use. Teradata is currently testing and developing for clouds and virtualization – Teradata Express. They are working with amazon.com’s web services team for [...]

First Look – Accord

I caught up with David Ullman of Robust Decisions the other day. Robust Decisions has an interesting product called Accord aimed at helping with decisions. While it is not aimed at exactly the same kind of decisions as the systems I usually review, I like the product and think there is some interesting synergy between [...]

I am attending the 10th annual Business Rules Forum this week and blogging from sessions as I go. The show really starts tomorrow but John Rymer of Forrester presented a tutorial today – A framework for selecting business rules platforms. John presented the criteria for the wave report – Forrester’s way of evaluating vendors – [...]