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Bosch Software Innovations (the company that emerged from Bosch’s acquisition of Innovations Software Technology with its Visual Rules BRM suite some years ago) acquired inubit last year and has been working to develop an integrated portfolio. The inubit acquisition came after a number of joint projects where customers used both inubit Suite for BPM and [...]

I am giving a webinar with Talend on February 7th at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern on holistic integration – the combination of data management, application integration and business process management for best in class integration. You can register for the webinar here.

First Look – Talend

Talend has been around for about 6 years and the original focus was on “democratizing” data integration – making it cheaper, easier, quicker and less maintenance-heavy. They originally wanted to build an open source alternative for data integration. In particular they wanted to make sure that there was a product that worked for smaller companies [...]

I got an overview of JBoss’s new intelligent, integrated enterprise approach as well some of their new product announcements. They are adding new data services, BPEL support, productizing their event/rules combination and adding some new connectivity elements. The world has obviously changed in the last few years. The fully automated processes of the past, JBoss [...]

The new Business Process Manager 7.5 brings together the WebSphere Lombardi Edition and WebSphere Process Server in a single go-forward product. IBM wanted to bring the power of the WPS runtime and the simplicity of the Lombardi platform while significantly improving design time governance and end to end  visibility. The new product has: Process Server [...]

Gerhard Hausmann presented on Barmenia and their use of business rules to improve customer experience. Barmenia is a private health / life insurance company in Germany with more than 2M contracts and 1.5Bn Euros in premiums. Been in business since 1904 and still have contracts that date back to the last century. In Germany there [...]

Introducing SOA Design Patterns

Thomas was back on talking about the catalog of 85 SOA Design Patterns that he is publishing this year – SOA Design Patterns. Design patterns are a field-testing or proven design solution to a common design problem. Some are compound, most are atomic. These SOA Patterns overcome common design challenges for the successful adoption of [...]

Intalio 2.0

Ismael Ghalimi presented his vision of “what’s next” and started with some history. In 1998 he started work on what he now calls “Office 2.0” and, while prototyping ideas, he met the other founders and started to put together a plan for a platform that would allow him (a self-confessed poor programmer) to build web [...]

Paul Daro was next giving some detail around the new architecture (introduced by Bernhard Nann). A number of trends were identified first: Clearly the move to a collection of services from monolithic applications has fundamentally changed the relationship of vendors to customers – now more about delivering services that can be fitted in to an [...]

Erik Klein from the WebSphere Commerce group at IBM and Scott Young from a consultant. Erik started by discussing the inhibitors to moving to multi-channel and customer-centric. These include: Siloed business units Applications that don’t integrate or support multi-channel operations Redundant data in multiple systems, no single version of the truth The different domains – [...]