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enterprise data warehouse

Attending the Teradata Partners conference and getting a briefing on the Teradata UDA – Unified Data Architecture.  The UDA brings together Teradata’s traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) products, its Teradata Aster discovery platform and a variety of partner technologies. UDA was announced in 2012 and they have been adding integrations and partnerships since then. Specifically [...]

First Look – Angoss 8.0

I have previously written about Angoss and its products (most recently this post on their 7.5 release) and recently got an update. As a company Angoss is focused on delivering data mining and predictive analytics to improve performance in sales, marketing and risk. They have a set of products for desktop, client/server and cloud-based and [...]

Teradata Active Enterprise Update

Syndicated from SmartDataCollective Quick update from Teradata to kick off the day focused on Active Enterprise Intelligence. This remains a key theme for Teradata, unsurprising given the focus of Teradata customers on an enterprise data warehouse full of operational data. AEI is about a focus on moving from the back office to the front office [...]

Teradata – Key Messages

Randy Lea kicked off the Teradata Third Party Influencers event with Teradata’s key messages: The best database for analytics Obviously this is #1 for Teradata is to deliver on this with a focus on being “parallel everywhere” while having the database do as much as possible. Also provide a self-service portal for DBAs, offer query [...]

Update – illumuniate

Since I last got updated on illuminate (see the first look on i-lluminate) they have been focusing on their business model. While illuminate is a general purpose database they have been focusing on data warehousing as an initial market– with business analytics applications to follow. The data warehouse market has various segments based on size. [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Last week I posted a couple of times about my impressions from the SAS Global Forum. In one post I said that “SAS customers talk about the great results they get when they put their predictive analytics to work in operational systems” so I thought I should expand on that a little, [...]

Neil has just finished some research work on data warehouse performance for our friends at Teradata published as Meeting Demands for Data Warehouse Performance.   This white paper discusses how expanding operational roles for data warehouses, particularly in terms of supporting operational decision making and enterprise decision management, require dynamic workload capabilities on the data [...]

First Look – Kognitio WX2

The folks at Kognitio gave me a quick overview of their WX2 product recently. WX2 is aimed at three distinct areas: Software platform for high performance analytics Data as a Service – it is being offered hosted to SMBs for instance Data Warehouse Appliances WX2 came out of the UK and is the end result [...]

Terry from Pinnacle Entertainment (a gaming company) was up after lunch on The Business Drivers Behind Creating an Enterprise Data Architecture in the Gaming Industry. Pinnacle has 12 properties, none in Vegas, and competes with the likes of Harrah’s (used as a case study by Stephen Brobst yesterday). Pinnacle started with a marketing data warehouse, [...]