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Bobby Cameron came up next and begun by highlighting how little IT sometimes matters to business innovation – even innovative companies and CEOs don’t think of their IT in this way. So why is this a problem? Executives say one thing but do another: Innovation is a “priority” but not on the executive team’s agenda. [...]

I saw this post by Keith Harrison-Broninski Some Processes Cost Money – Others Processes Make Money, in which he discusses the fact that companies have already squeezed lots of costs out of their systems and processes. He takes away from this the valid conclusion that not all processes are therefore good targets for high ROI [...]

[amazonify]1591397200:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1591397200::text::::The Only Sustainable Edge: Why Business Strategy Depends on Productive Friction and Dynamic Specialization[/amazonify] In this book John and John discuss how recent changes in the world will force, indeed are forcing, companies to change how they think about offshoring and outsourcing, innovation and even their core business processes. They describe how a combination of [...]