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Last session for me at IBM’s World of Watson is the keynote from IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty. Another very slick video on the different ways IBM’s cognitive, cloud and analytic solutions are being used around the world got us started. And again, IBM emphasized “with Watson” as part of their ongoing positioning of Watson as additive to people, [...]

Next up is a client panel with Verizon, FleetRisk Advisors and UBS AG. Verizon has created a specific Big Data and Analytics R&D group to diversify their portfolio of services, looking for new opportunities in data and analytics to leverage Verizon’s DAILY 12PB of data. FleetRisk Advisors is a business founded on predictive analytics for the trucking industry [...]

Steve Mills opened up the discussion talking about Big Data, making the point that the art of the possible when it comes to data has been growing steadily for many years – though the current explosion in data is pretty impressive. For instance 1.3B RFID tags in 2005 and 30B in 2010, 4.6B mobile phones [...]

I want to share with you the collective wisdom of over 50 companies that have transformed their business using analytics. These companies tackled core business issues like customer retention, marketing, patient care, student achievement, and customer centricity in industries as varied as Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Government, Insurance and Banking. Tomorrow I will kick off [...]

IBM and DePaul University recently announced a new program for teaching students predictive analytics (details here). I like the specific focus on a Masters degree in Predictive Analytics and the focus not on PhDs in analytics but on a more practical Masters degree. Companies need a lot more folks who can understand and use advanced [...]

First Look – eBureau

eBureau is a predictive scoring and information service provider founded in 2004, focused on technology for very rapid model development and deployment. Using their own purpose-built modeling software, a small group of modelers developed 900 predictive models in 2009 alone. The company has been applying this capability for real-time and interactive marketing like contact centers, [...]

Analytics and Innovation #PBLS

Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, and Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm among other books, had a discussion on the use of analytics in innovation. Several areas were touched on from the global economy to innovation approaches to education. The growth of low cost competitors in the global economy has commoditized that which can [...]