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dynamic business application

First Look – ACTICO Rules

I got an update from a new player in the decision management market today – ACTICO. They aren’t really new, though, as they are using the Bosch SI business rules management system, Visual Rules (last reviewed by me in 2010). The Visual Rules business has been split with Bosch SI focusing on IoT and manufacturing and ACTICO focusing [...]

Dynamic BPM and agility

Jim Sinur presented on how companies are preparing for change and using agility as an advantage. Not just as a technology option but as a requirement for transformation. In some sectors this ability to do dynamic BPM is becoming a competitive weapon. Key issues: how will BPM become more dynamic what impact will SOA, web, [...]

Steve Cranford of PwC wrote an interesting piece called Bringing Order to Chaos (brought to my attention by Alan over at Tibco) that made me think. Steve’s focus is on the next software suite for enterprises (something he calls an Intelligent Business Performance Platform) consisting of business intelligence, business process and business rules. Reading this [...]

OutSystems came to my attention at the Forrester IT Forum as they were suggested as a tool with good support for what Forrester calls Dynamic Business Applications. Founded in 2001 they have 100+ customers mostly in Portugal and the Netherlands but increasingly also in the US. Of these they identify 17 existing customers that have [...]

I’m going to be on stage with Mike Gualtieri soon but I thought I would drop in and listen to him on the future of application development. Sadly this meant missing a session on BI but even I can’t be in two places at once. Mike’s theme is that the value of application developers in [...]

Dean Hager from Lawson came on to follow-up on the dynamic business applications story. Dynamic means “continuous change, activity, or progress” and Enterprise Applications “suck at this” to use his words. But this is a problem as the world is changing – people change, events cause change, the business climate changes and more. He asked [...]

Connie Moore and John Rymer kicked off today talking about Dynamic Business Applications and their first discussion was around brown paper bags. They made the point that brown paper bags are a pure commodity and all you can do is reduce costs. Other kinds of bags offer more opportunities for innovation and, thus, more margins. [...]

I had to blog the last two sessions on paper – there are no power sockets in the hotel (the Palazzo at the Venetian in Las Vegas, conference planners please note) and my battery eventually gave up. So, back in the hotel now, here’s a summary of the notes I took. Sharyn Leaver presented on [...]

Mike Gualtieri of Forrester had a blog post a few months back that I missed then but that he pointed out to me this week – What Is Your Future? In it he outlines two scenarios at either end of a continuum. One is that application development changes in incremental ways such that “The application [...]

Back on this blog for John Rymer of Forrester talking about dynamic business applications (about which I have blogged before) and how the next generation of systems will be designed for people and built for change. John began by showing a video of a broker’s desktop demonstration built by Adobe and some partners. Brokers are [...]

John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri of Forrester have just published the Business Rules Platforms Wave for 2008 (you can get it here as part of your Forrester subscription or for about $800). The folks at Forrester do a pretty thorough job of reviewing platforms for these Wave reports – actually getting vendors in to work [...]

I am often asked the question in the title – what is a smart (enough) system? Here’s the list we use when we talk about it: Operational While one can make systems of all kinds “smarter” we are talking about making operational, transactional, high-volume, typically customer facing applications smart enough to be useful. Real-Time As [...]

A couple of links today made me think about agility in the context of BPM and SOA. My friends at Zapthink pointed me to a Tom Sullivan post on backlogs as a measure of success which caught my eye because the use of decision management technologies often reduces IT backlogs (by empowering business users – [...]

An interesting post caught my eye recently – Should we still call it Application Development? This seems like an interesting question, particularly when you start considering the decomposition of the application that has taken place over the last decade. Not so long ago, applications (especially enterprise applications) were monolithic. They handled their own data, user [...]

John McCormick had a nice piece over on CIO insight today – The 10 Most Important Technology Areas for 2008, a Garnter View. Four of these struck me as particularly important when it comes to consider decision management in this context: Green IT While the discussion in the article was more about how hardware can [...]