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descriptive analytics

Neil focused his session on Analytics. Analytics, he says, has roared to the front office in recent years (driven in part by the explosion of data and data management technology). Big, as in Big Data, is relative. The rate of increase has not particularly changed in recent years but the rate of increase is being [...]

Another solution session, this time Bob and Rick from IBM focused on IBM’s Signature Solution for Counter-Fraud, Waste and Abuse.  This is a classic Decision Management use case so I am looking forward to this one. Most fraud, they point out, is committed by insiders and goes undetected for 18 months. Frauds are also becoming a [...]

Bob Picciano and Les Rechan came up next to discuss Big Data and Analytics: Fueling Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Smart. Five years ago IBM launched the Smarter Planet initiative. On a smarter planet, they say, everything is connected and instrumented and this is reflected in the explosion of Big Data. To drive value [...]

Elements of Business Analytics

Syndicated from IIA My friends at SAS, a sponsor of IIA, have a nice piece on their Knowledge Exchange – Elements of a Business Analytics Framework for IT. This lays out their view on the different kinds of decision types and maps them to decision frequency. Both in Smart (Enough) Systems and in my blog [...]

First Look – IBM and SPSS

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from IBM/Cognos to discuss their (fairly) recent announcement of a formal OEM relationship with SPSS for PASW Statistics (briefly reviewed here). I discussed their original, less formal, partnership previously. IBM Cognos has a long alliance history with SPSS, often working with them to co-sell into [...]

I started with an interesting breakfast this morning with Ian Ayres and Larry Rosenberger. Ian is the author of Super Crunchers (reviewed here in the wiki) and Larry is a research fellow and ex-CEO of Fair Isaac. The two of them were great conversationalists and we ranged across randomized testing (adaptive control), the power of [...]

Some time ago a regular reader, Dave Wright, left a   comment on a blog post I wrote as a guest. In it he asked “What comes after EDM?”. This, of course, is both an interesting and a difficult question. Thinking about it I decided to split it into two parts – one about technologies [...]