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decision automation

Ronan Bradley had an interesting article on ebizQ this week – Fertile Ground for ROI in BPM: Three Unlikely Areas. In it he outlined some areas of banking where business process management (BPM) could deliver an ROI. Keeping up with regulations In which he points out that “a feature of BPM systems (over custom coded [...]

Is Self-Service good or bad?

Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe had a column “Self-serve and slave” (that I saw in the San Jose Mercury News as “In a self-serve nation, work gets dumped on us“) in which she rails against self-service and compares it to the outsourcing of work from paid employees to us consumers. As she says: For [...]

Thanks to my friends at Bankwatch I heard today about eBank in Japan. The bank is described in this nice article on swiftcommunity.net. What struck me about this was the focus on complete automation of decision making – not just the processes and information colleciton, but the decision making itself. Is this the person they [...]

Optimism in one characteristic that it might see harsh to criticize. But take a look at this article on Accounting for the future. It makes a couple of interesting points. Firstly that the preparation of projections can be misleading and that an “inside view” – caused by developing a detailed plan, say – makes you [...]

This week I thought I would write some posts about how enterprise decision management can help address some of the very real challenges in decision making. First up is peer pressure. A friend sent me this article from the Sloan Review – Applying (and Resisting) Peer Influence -and a couple of key concepts are clear [...]

I can’t blog this session live as John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri have asked me to participate. What follows is a combination of thoughts based on the presentation and post-presentation notes. The theme of the presentation is that “The next frontier in business process management (BPM) and business rules is automating decisions within business processes”. [...]

First Look – ThinkAnalytics

I spent some time with Peter Docherty of ThinkAnalytics recently, talking about their decisioning product. ThinkAnalytics grew out of K.wiz, a small team focused on the automation of the data mining process. The team had experience in data mining, real-time telecoms monitoring and data compression. They delivered an open, component-based platform with the intent to [...]

Mike Kavitz had a great post on his blog today Want SOA Success? Try this Recipe. I really liked the article, not least because it was clearly based on hard-won experience on Mike’s part. Reading it I saw how similar an Enterprise Decision Management or EDM success recipe would be. Research the living daylights out [...]

I had a chance to talk with Rob Walker last week about Chordiant and their decision management platform. Chordiant focuses on large customers – those with lots of decisions in markets such as retail banking, consumer lending, card services, insurance and communications. Their mantra is Customer Experience Management and they aim to deliver an improvement [...]

First Look – Zementis ADAPA

A little while ago I got to talk to Mike Zeller and his team at Zementis about their decision management platform – ADAPA, what they call a predictive analytics decision engine. ADAPA stands for Adaptive Decision And Predictive Analytics. The folks at Zementis started trying to solve a fairly common problem in organizations adopting data [...]

The nice folks on the Drools blog pointed me to an article today called Implement business logic with the Drools rules engine. This article was written by Ricardo Olivieri of IBM. Richard does a nice job of walking through both the basic case for using a business rules engine (BRE). I feel compelled to make [...]

Stephen Brobst of Teradata was next with A Reference Architecture for Integrating an Active Data Warehouse into the Real-Time Enterprise. He started with a great quote from a Gartner analyst: No such thing as a business surprise – there is always a warning in advance but were you listening – did you collect data about [...]

Some interesting news from SAS today that, to me at least, boosts their support of enterprise decision management or EDM. First they announced a specific product bundle from their work with Teradata – you can get details here. This integrates SAS Enterprise Miner, their predictive analytics/data mining workbench, with Teradata’s database allowing for models developed [...]

SOA and BPM with IDC

Second session at IDC Directions today and I am listening to Maureen Fleming and Sandy Rogers talking about SOA and BPM. IDC takes the position that this is about a need for agile systems and that BPM and SOA are part of how organizations can address this need. Of course, having just come from a [...]

I dropped by the IDC Directions event today and saw two presentations. First up was Kathy Wilhide talking about Governance, Risk and Compliance or GRC as it is known. The GRC market has grown from a need for higher levels of confidence in financial and operational information. As compliance is not built into most existing [...]

Frank Gens of IDC posted this short item on what Line of Business managers want from their CIOs and it had a nice little graph showing the key things that the business wants from IT. Of the 10 items, several seem to me to show the need for Enterprise Decision Management or EDM: Speed up [...]

After a fascinating lunch with Sandy Carter (of which more later), Steve Demuth gave the BRMS track keynote – Make Change Work to Your Advantage. Steve’s focus is on the potential competitive advantage of rules. Automate decisions, he said, are everywhere – with which I would completely agree – especially if you correctly consider micro [...]

Monday morning here at DIALOG and the keynotes are up next. The show has about 300 attendees, about half customers, representing about 18 countries. First on is Pierre Haren, Chairman and CEO of ILOG. Pierre gave a quick overview of 20 years of ILOG history and he then focused on ILOG’s mission: Make better decisions [...]

My friend Bob Glushko and Lindsay Tabas wrote an interesting paper last year that Bob pointed out to me earlier this month – Bridging the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” in Service System Design. I liked the paper as it raised some interesting issues about customer interactions, in particular whether interaction design or outcomes is [...]

Automating “warm fuzzies”

I saw this post on CustomerThink – Automation Overkill – in which Ginny Wiedower correctly points out that automation of customer treatment can result in an impersonal feel and that customers appreciate the “warm fuzzies” that come from personal interactions. While I don’t disagree with her, there are two things worth considering. Firstly, as I [...]