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I recently got a briefing from Information Builders, an independent business intelligence (BI) and enterprise information integration/management (EIM) vendor founded in 1975. They sell their BI and EIM solutions separately, though they are increasingly selling these solutions together. They have 1,350 employees and 12,000 customer sites as well as a strong OEM portfolio. They find [...]

Final IBM IMPACT session for me this year is If P&C Insurance talking about the role of process and rules in claims processing. If is the largest property and casualty insurer in the Nordic region and covers all sorts of risks across personal and commercial lines of business. Insurance Customer Satisfaction can seem like an [...]

Insurers face an explosion of direct sales channels: websites, mobile and call centers, with the rapidly evolving world of social media opening up even more opportunities. Driving consistent customer treatments and profitable direct sales across dynamic distribution channels, while effectively managing risk, is a huge challenge. As Deb pointed out, linking all customer communication together [...]

Insurers face new and growing challenges as the market moves into recovery in 2011: more delivery channels, demographic shifts, a changing competitive landscape and a rapidly evolving regulatory and compliance environment. Many insurers are faced with meeting this challenges hampered by inflexible legacy applications, underutilized data from internal systems and external sources, and manual spreadsheets [...]

Teradata Active Enterprise Update

Syndicated from SmartDataCollective Quick update from Teradata to kick off the day focused on Active Enterprise Intelligence. This remains a key theme for Teradata, unsurprising given the focus of Teradata customers on an enterprise data warehouse full of operational data. AEI is about a focus on moving from the back office to the front office [...]

Customer intimacy #bas2010

Customer intimacy is a hot topic these days. Customers are getting more complex because not only are they using multiple channels but because they have multiple online personalities – work, home, on behalf of a parent or child and so on. The fact that consumers trust each other (78%) but not ads (13% trust for [...]

First Look – Kana

I got an update from Kana this week. Kana, for those of you that don’t know, is a product/solution company focused on helping enterprises with their customer service experience – what they call Service Experience Management. Kana has over 600 B2C customers across banking, telecommunications, retail as well as high-tech, travel, manufacturing etc. They are [...]

Insurance claims fraud is a huge deal, with most estimates seeing perhaps 10% of claims made being fraudulent – worth at least $30Bn/year. As a result the value of small improvement is huge. Of course, from my perspective, fraud is one of the classic uses of decision management and predictive analytics. Obviously the current economic [...]

I was traveling in South Africa last week (keynoting BI 2010) and my favorite online payment system demonstrated not once but twice, why business rules are so valuable in analytic decision making. First their analytics triggered a fraud alert – presumably based on patterns of problems from South African IP addresses. As I was trying [...]

Richard Boire gave a presentation on predictive analytics in customer service at the Canadian Automobile Association. Organizations that successfully adopt analytics are willing, and able to change. Richard’s focus then is on tools and techniques that help create the engagement needed to drive adoption. CAA is the Canadian equivalent of the US AAA, providing insurance, [...]

Eric Siegel’s keynote focused on new and innovative uses of analytics – asking the audience to focus on their most expensive operations, their greatest operational risks, their critical operational decisions. Predictive analytics, he says, is a business intelligence technology that produces a predictive score for each customer or prospect – something scoring their risk of [...]

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager (RDM) is designed for inbound communications, complementing outbound communication solutions. It aims at real-time delivery of decisions and recommendations during a customer interaction to optimize that interaction to improve revenue, growth and retention. For example, in retail banking, a customer might come in with a new job with very different income [...]

I am hosting a panel on Predictive Analytics at the Business Analytics Summit and I got a chance to attend a session beforehand where Dave Stodder presented on performance management and Key Performance Indicators. Dave began by emphasizing that performance management is both a business and IT issue and that it needs to link people, [...]

I saw this interesting article over the weekend – Beat the Clock « MIT Sloan Management Review.It discusses the power of time, especially consumer time, as a competitive weapon and is well worth a read. It seemed to me as I looked through it that decision management had a lot to offer. There were a [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I recently hosted a webcast for Smart Data Collective titled “Putting Customer Value to Work: What Predictive Analytics Can Do for Your Bottom Line”. With Korhan Yunak of Vodaphone Group, Anne Milley of SAS Institute and Mike Rote of Teradata Corporation on the panel we discussed how predictive analytics can [...]

Integrating customer preferences

Syndicated from ebizQ I was talking to an interesting company today – TOA Technologies (review tomorrow) – and as we were talking we touched on something I think it both a great idea and underrated – the use of business rules to integrate customer preferences. We all know that giving customers an ability to influence [...]

It’s been a while since I have used Lands End but just recently I needed to order some logo wear for my son’s school and they used Lands End as the supplier for this. I logged on, used the “find your school” option and found the code for my son’s school. The website then remembered [...]

First Look – ServiceBench

I saw ServiceBench when I presented at the Warranty Chain Management Conference and got a chance to get a more detailed presentation just recently. ServiceBench is aimed at the Service Supply Chain and is now part of NEW (who also presented at the conference). The service supply chain is often very complex because of the [...]

IBM has made a number of announcements at IMPACT and I got a chance to hear more about them at a blogference – a press conference for bloggers I guess. Interesing mix of bloggers with other jobs (like me) and “real” press people. First Sandy spent some time on a bunch of social media announcements [...]

Vision Service Plan, VSP, presented on their use of business rules to build agile business processes in healthcare. VSP has some 55M customers in their plans and have been an IBM/ILOG customer since 2002. Every process in healthcare is governed by policies, regulations – every process has decisions that must be made following the rules [...]