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Pegasystems had good years in 2011 and 2012 they say, with Q4 2012 being particularly strong and good results from their decision management products. They have over 2,000 employees as they go into their 30th year and are targeting $500M this year. Pegasystems maintains its focus on a platform business with a number of specific [...]

I got an update from Pegasystems recently, mostly to talk about how the integration of Chordiant is going. I shared my original thoughts on the Pegasystems/Chordiant combination at the time but this was my first chance to chat with them since then.  Pegasystems continues to do well with its  12th record revenue quarter and climbing [...]

The nice folks over at IDC let me take a look at IDC – Worldwide Application Development and Deployment: 2010 Predictions. I have a somewhat narrow focus (Decision Management) so only two are really in my zone. First, #10: 10. Decisioning Products Will Be Unified to Deliver a Decision Management Platform This is obviously right [...]

The news today is that Pegasystems (rules-based business process management) is acquiring Chordiant (decision-centric CRM). This is interesting news as it merges a company (Chordiant) with a very decision-centric/decision services separate from process mindset with one (Pega) that has mixed rules and process together much more. Chordiant have been one of my companies to watch [...]

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager (RDM) is designed for inbound communications, complementing outbound communication solutions. It aims at real-time delivery of decisions and recommendations during a customer interaction to optimize that interaction to improve revenue, growth and retention. For example, in retail banking, a customer might come in with a new job with very different income [...]

Neeraj asked me an interesting question the other day – how would a decisioning product like Oracle RTD and a business rules engine co-exist? Rather than answering this specifically I thought I would try and generalize it. After all there are products like Unica and Chordiant that also offer decisioning engines that are not general [...]

Neil Raden and I helped write an article for Teradata Magazine – Prepare for impact – and you can find it online as part of Teradata Magazine Online. The article came out of some research on decisioning technology that Neil and I did together. You can download it from Teradata or from Decision Management Solutions.

Rob Walker of Chordiant wrote a nice little piece for Information Management recently – The Evolution and Future of Business Intelligence.

I got a chance to sit down with Rob Walker last week for an update on Chordiant Decision Manager. Rob covered some of the new features in Chordiant Decision Management 6.2 as well as some general background that has not appeared in any of my posts before (check out First Look – Chordiant Decision Management [...]

Neil Raden of Hired Brains and I have just published a new report on the Technology for Operational Decision Making. You can get the executive summary from my company site or register and download the full report. The report will also be available from the sponsors – without whom the report would not have happened. [...]

Predictions for 2009

I just went back to check and found no predictions on the blog for 2008 (so I get a 100% accuracy rating with no errors) so I thought I would make some for 2009. In no particular order then: Cloud computing will impact decision management. There are already at least two decision management vendors offering [...]

Well at least one more as of today – Jim Sinur, over on his Gartner blog – has finally started to use the phrase he has been threatening to use for a while “Intelligent Decision Management”. While Jim has not published a formal definition – I expect he will soon now he is back at [...]

Today Chordiant announced their new Visual Business Director (CxVBD). I saw an early prototype of this some months back and got a more detailed look at the finished product at their recent Customer Advisory Board. I really like CxVBD as I think it shows the critical business value of externalizing decisions. I have yet to [...]

Last week I was invited to attend Chordiant‘s European Customer Advisory Board. This session was held in lovely Munich in the middle of Oktoberfest and was both informative and a lot of fun. While I can’t share everything – some of it was for customers only – I thought you would appreciate what I could [...]

PMML – The Predictive Modeling Markup Language – is the primary XML format for describing predictive analytic models so that a modeling tool can share a model with either another modeling tool or, more usefully, with a deployment environment. The folks over at KDNuggets recently ran a poll asking their readers about their use of [...]

Chordiant announced Recommendation Advisor 6.1 today, a “real-time conversation and interaction management solution”. This Next-Best-Action engine is built on Chordiant’s Decision Management platform and designed to both improve self-service channels and support call center staff.   It uses rules and analytics to make the best recommendation and dynamically adapts during a conversation, for instance if [...]

Mike made an interesting comment in response to my recent post on the future of application development. He said: Are business domain tools necessary to enable a non-trivial development role for businesspeople? Like many good questions the answer is complicated – in a way, both yes and no. I do agree with Mike that a [...]

I had a chance to talk with Rob Walker last week about Chordiant and their decision management platform. Chordiant focuses on large customers – those with lots of decisions in markets such as retail banking, consumer lending, card services, insurance and communications. Their mantra is Customer Experience Management and they aim to deliver an improvement [...]