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Darren from ASG presented next on Metadata enabled Business/IT Integration. Business metadata can be contained in all sorts of things like data models, XML and database schemas, process definitions, ERP/CRM etc. Not clear who created what or which ones are “right” and things like mergers and acquisitions may create new problems. There is no “right” [...]

Mike replied to my post about his question on enterprise metadata. He, like me, prefers David Marco’s definition of metadata as “all physical data and knowledge from inside and outside an organization, including information about the physical data, technical and business processes, rules and constraints of the data, and structures of the data used by [...]

Mike Kavis, a blogger on ITToolbox and Chief Architect, sent me an interesting question about enterprise metadata He says “My company has huge amounts of historical data. We load 500M new rows a day and keep data for 116 weeks. I am trying to move this company away from being report writers to being enablers [...]