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Syndicated from BeyeNetwork This headline came from a briefing I got from LucidEra about their spring release and was so good I just had to use it. Think about it – if all a dashboard does is stress you out and raise your blood pressure by telling you what’s wrong without giving you any help [...]

Business Analytics and IBM

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I participated in a panel at IBM’s launch of its new Business Analytics and Optimization service line this week. I wrote a quick post to go with the launch and having attended and heard the IBM folks talk about it and had a chance to talk with some of them I thought [...]

As my twitter feed starting warming up with thoughts on IBM and Sun I started to think – what impact would this have on the decision management market? I read what Steve Hamm had to say over on BusinessWeek – Why IBM Wants Sun and Tony Baer’s IBM buying Sun. Why Bother? But decision management [...]

BusinessWeek had a great article on customer vigilantes last week – Consumer Vigilantes. The inability of companies to provide decent customer service has become more and more of an issue in recent years. Partly this is due to off-shoring and cost-cutting, but I believe the stupidity of their information systems is even more to blame. [...]